Court: Colorado bakers must eat beliefs and make wedding cakes for gay couples

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(Worthy News) - A Colorado appeals court Thursday ruled that a Denver baker can't refuse service to a gay couple seeking a wedding cake because of his beliefs, the latest blow for religious liberty and a decision the ACLU said opens the door for a national fight.

"When every lesbian or gay person, every woman, every person of color, every person of every faith can walk into a store, a bank, a hospital, and know that they will get the same service as everyone else, we will have won. Until then, we continue to fight for the equal treatment we all deserve," said the American Civil Liberties Union's LGBT Project attorney Ria Mar.

The Colorado Court of Appeals decision against Masterpiece Cakeshop follows the U.S. Supreme Court's endorsement of same sex marriage. [ Source ]

'The Ruling Is Wrong' Says Baker

"I think that the ruling is wrong … the constitution guarantees me the right to practice my faith, my religion, anywhere, anytime; there are no restrictions on it," Phillips said. "It also gives me the right to free speech, anytime, anywhere. I don't surrender those rights when I open my doors."

Phillips now faces fines if he declines to make wedding cakes for gay couples. After the state ordered him to make wedding cakes for everyone he stopped making them for anyone. He says it has cost him 40 percent of his business.

"Ton of support, most people are in agreement with us that a business and an American citizen should have the right to what they want to make and what they don't want to make," Phillips said. [ Source ]

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42 thoughts on “Court: Colorado bakers must eat beliefs and make wedding cakes for gay couples

  1. Come out and be separate. For far too long in this country we have walked with one foot in the world and one in the Kingdom. Pretending like this worldly Kingdom belonged to us. It is the kingdom of satan and we should have as little ties to it as possible. Including financially.

    Persecution burns away the dross, and I think that we ALL may soon be facing things like this. The day will soon come when we will all be asked to take a mark in order to maintain our careers and keep our finances. Will we love our lives, or will we be willing to walk away.

    On the flip side, Christians need to start supporting each other. Go to this family in private if you need a cake. Stop shopping elsewhere when Christian businesses are available. Give your business to your brothers and sisters, and when we are no longer able to do so publically, do so privately.

  2. This is what my Liberal friends are saying:
    Person 1: "I have decided that "Strongly Held Religious Beliefs" has became the most hateful phrase in the English Language. Why? Because it now seems to be to go to excuse for people to be class-A A**holes. As I've said before if it's your job to bake a cake, issue a marriage license, dispense legal medications, in other words do your JOB the job you were hired for, for ALL people then you need to find a new job. NOT subject other people to your "deeply held religious beliefs.""
    Person 2: "I'd love to see more people using their sincerely-held religious beliefs (of all kinds) to be nice to others instead."

    This is what we are up against. How do we respond?

  3. Civil liberties apparently only apply to non-Christian people. It's only a matter of time until one "protected" class of people decides to sue another "protected" class. Who wins then? If I were the baker, I would just stop making wedding cakes period. No one is denying gays the ability to shop at this bakery.

  4. The government control is in place,they will rule your life and treat you like dirt while promoting every vile disgusting evil vise there is and you will not be able to stop it. BUT GOD WILL STOP IT AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE EVIL.

  5. I say make the cake. Don't make it ugly or taste bad, that's not a good Christian witness. But let the couple know up front that if they hire you, they will get your best product but the proceeds from the cake will go to a pro traditional family organization, such as Focus on the Family. Its a win-win-win. The gay couple will get their cake; the baker will be within the confines of the law; and a Christian organization will receive a donation.

  6. This isn't about giving rights to a minority - it's about taking away rights of those who dare stand for their faith. When people give up their beliefs it will not look good.

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