Donald Trump's immigration plan calls for border wall funded by illegals' U.S. wages

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(Worthy News) - GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump proposed a broad crackdown on illegal immigrants Sunday, including tripling the number of deportation officers and building a border wall, as new numbers show illegal crossings on the Southwest border are beginning to swell again.

Mr. Trump, who has driven much of the immigration conversation since announcing his candidacy two months ago, said he would demand Mexico pay for the new fencing by impounding the wages earned by their illegal immigrants here in the U.S., and would eliminate tax breaks some illegal immigrants can currently claim in order to pay the new deportation officers he'd hire.

He also said he would end the policy of 'birthright citizenship,' which grants full American status to almost anyone born here, including to illegal immigrant mothers, and he insisted illegal immigrants here right now must be sent home, though most could quickly apply for re-entry. [ Source ]

Trump: I'll rescind birthright citizenship

Birthright citizenship "remains the biggest magnet for illegal immigration," Trump said in his 6-page immigration policy report titled "Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again."

Speaking to NBC's Chuck Todd aboard his gilded private plane on "Meet the Press" Sunday, Trump said of the current illegal immigrants in the country, "We're going to keep the families together, but they have to go."

When Todd questioned where they would go if they have nowhere to return to, Trump repeated, "We will work with them. They have to go. Chuck, we either have a country, or we don't have a country." [ Source ]

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  1. Needed Law: Any non-citizen of the United States who violates any U.S. Law will never be able to become a legal citizen. This law will become effective in 12 months.
    #TrumpOnImmigration #IllegalImmigration

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