Worthy Christian News » U.S. Politics » Donald Trump is set to blow up GOP orthodoxy -- again

Donald Trump is set to blow up GOP orthodoxy -- again

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(Worthy News) - First Donald Trump antagonized the Republican establishment with his proposals on immigration. Then he irritated some with his stands on trade and Social Security. Now Trump is preparing a tax proposal that will again set him far apart from the party's powers-that-be, the Washington Examiner reported.

The problem for the establishment is that Trump's positions on all three issues are more in line with the majority of American voters than the establishment's preferred policies. By using his popularity to force outside-the-GOP-box ideas into the Republican presidential debate, Trump is displaying an uncanny sense of the divisions between voters and the GOP power structure.

Trump has been sending signals that his tax proposal, which he says will be "comprehensive," will include higher rates for some of the richest Americans, a position generally at odds with Republican orthodoxy. "I want to see lower taxes," Trump said at an appearance in Norwood, Mass., on Friday night. "But on some people, they're not doing their fair share." [ Source ]

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Worthy Christian News » U.S. Politics » Donald Trump is set to blow up GOP orthodoxy -- again

10 thoughts on “Donald Trump is set to blow up GOP orthodoxy -- again


    Whatever way the story ends relating to modifying the 14 amendment, the birthright citizenship edict in the US Constitution and the ‘Anchor Baby’ interpretation is yet to come. The American people who want something done about the illegal alien invasion that has a huge negative financial effect on US citizens and lawful residents; but not on business owners? Trump building the wall is just the first step, which will end to some degree the invaders, such as families, with children but it will not halt the single men who prepare the way for the whole family in most cases to cross the border. However by installing MANDATORY E-VERIFY in every work place will end the access of employment to foreign labor. To make it work it must bear harsh fines, suspension of business licenses and statutory federal prison for 5 years. No exemptions for either Democrats or Republicans, for their friends and cronies.

    Don’t rely on the US government, to ever tell the truth about illegal immigration? To believe in the numbers of foreign invaders squatting here, is nothing but folly. There numbers I would suggest are generated from the last Census and other limited calculations. If they are saying that California on its own has population legal and illegal foreigners, which have overtaken the Caucasians, then the figures cannot be correct. Officials say, as of last March Latinos will make up 39 percent of California's population, edging out non-Hispanic whites at 38.8 percent. Nearly 25 years ago, non-Hispanic whites made up 57 percent of the state, while Latinos made up 26 percent. There is no way the numbers of Hispanics proposed are ALL here legally?

    But whether you’re a natural born citizen, a naturalized citizen or a legal resident of any race, religion or creed you have nothing to fear from Ice. The leftist presses are very good at intermingling the term illegal alien with Immigrant and this is far from the truth?

    This is truly an invasion and the only way to end this administration travesty is to mandate E-Verify that every US employer must be held liable. Currently it’s a big mix of state laws, but no central control from the (ICE) US immigration and Custom Enforcement. Stating there are only 11.4 million illegal aliens in the United States doesn’t hold water; it’s just a way for both political parties to continue the charade. Republicans want as many foreigners in the country, to cut wages and use cheap labor. Democrats and the radicals want a claim as many illegal aliens to use them for illegal voting; don’t say it doesn’t happen? Read under “Voter Fraud’. Nor is it just for local elections, as it happens in the state and general elections.

    IF, and I say if the Congress turned aside the money offered to them by Special Interest, then just perhaps the American people have a say in there future. To vote on a bill or load up votes to get a really bad bill to pass and then signed by any President is the corruption that runs like slime through Washington. Donald Trump said so and has been approached by the same lobbyists; probably a previously departed lawmaker who already knows the senators and House Representative who can be bought? The buyers of political votes have always been there, but today it’s more predominant as more and more money is needed for political campaigns. It’s like a stealth jet fighter that its there but it’s hard to see it? Large sums of money change hands, much of it designated for the political war chest, but not all of it. To reiterate, the more corrupt politicians move thousands of dollars to private accounts.

  2. I like that he is unafraid to address real issues. Illegal, undocumented immigrants is a HUGE problem, and the "anchor babies" situation is no joke. No other politician has addressed this problem candidly. Trump did. This is good.

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Worthy Christian News » U.S. Politics » Donald Trump is set to blow up GOP orthodoxy -- again