Worthy Christian News » US News » Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. — 680,000

Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. — 680,000

Thursday, November 26, 2015 | Tag Cloud

U.S. President Barack Obama

(Worthy News) - President Obama's open-door immigration policy is set to accept more immigrants from Muslim nations over the next five years than the entire population of Washington, D.C., according to federal documents.

Figures from the Department of Homeland Security show that the president has already issued 680,000 green cards to immigrants from Muslim nations over the past five years. Unless Congress changes his policy, that number will be repeated in the next five years. [ Source ]

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Worthy Christian News » US News » Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. — 680,000

5 thoughts on “Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. — 680,000

  1. Amidst the chaos, we must not forget the Christians of Syria and the Middle East, who are one of the most persecuted religions in the region.
    Join us in praying for Christians in the region, and for the millions of people who have been displaced from their homes.

  2. I'ma tell you something if our Congress can't keep these Muslims out of our country it's time for term limits and we need to really band together and vote these people out because once these Muslims come over here they are wanting to dominate and make this and Islamic Republic Valerie Jarrett said she would make the United States of America and Islamic Republic by using freedom of religion against itself people need to start waking up

  3. This is what I think would work. If Federal is not going to stop the migrants from coming but is instead wanting to extend their help to them, each state should be prepared for when the migrants arrive. I believe that each state is going to be given information about the migrants which have been delegated to each state but to make everybody's life easier, preparing for their arrival would be better than to be off guard when it DOES happen. Hoping it won't happen is not going to do anything if Federal is already in the process. Begin by implementing places in each state where the migrants are gathered and have them remain in that location so that official state workers can go in and get the information they need to further their stay in the individual states. Social Service agencies prepared with things such as food, clothes, and make shift dwellings in a bordered area of the state, where they can remain together, fellowship together, eat together, etc.. will keep them feeling safe within one another, and hence will not feel as if they have to wander all around the state because there is 'no order' nor preparations. I guess Federal will let the states know what is expected of them, as far as what is expected for them to receive by commands of Federal. My suggestion would be that if you are not aware of what is expected, then perhaps questions need to be asked to Federal. Keeping a group of people contained in a quiet safe atmosphere will hinder those individuals who want their 'freedom' to roam around with the intentions of causing trouble. And also this way, if any violence breaks out, they are all contained in a certain bordered and monitored and secured border area. It would be harder for any terrorist within that group to get past the bordered lines than if they were running loosely around unaccounted for. The huge influx of migrants to Europe without any proper warning is an example of how we can be prepared instead of being unprepared. So preparation is ABSOLUTELY necessary for any Sound Safety to exist while the migrants arrive and are in the process of being planted. Obama is going to do this .. He's not thinking about doing this.

  4. Restrooms and washrooms and places of hygiene in those migrant allocated lands would also be helpful... things to keep them safe, sound, and well taken cared for. other things can come later after everything settles down.

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Worthy Christian News » US News » Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. — 680,000