Putin encircles Turkey in massive troop buildup

Friday, February 26, 2016 | Tag Cloud

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(Worthy News) - Russian President Vladimir Putin's plans in the Middle East are becoming clearer. In a bid to exact revenge on Turkey and in an attempt to split the NATO alliance, Russia is rapidly building up pressure on NATO's southern flank. The new Russian satellite state of Armenia on Turkey's northeastern border is now hosting a massive Russian troop build up with the recent signing of an air defense agreement between Russia and Kremlin.

Along with the buildup of Russian air assets in Syria, Russia selling Iran billions in sophisticated weapon systems, and Russia’s support of Kurdish units along Turkey’s southern border, Mr. Putin has encircled Turkey in a classic pincer movement.

Forbes writes, Make no mistake: The Russian military presence in Armenia represents a dagger pointed at the heart of NATO as the Armenia-Russian alliance strengthens. But while Moscow is rattling its sabers, Washington remains silent. Last August, The Moscow Times reported that President Putin told Turkey’s Ambassador to Moscow to “tell your dictator President he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists and I shall make Syria to nothing but a ‘Big Stalingrad.’ ” Histrionics aside, the intent is clear. Russia views Turkey as a hostile state and it will not back down. [ Source ]

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7 thoughts on “Putin encircles Turkey in massive troop buildup

  1. "massive Russian troop build up with the recent signing of an air defense agreement between Russia and Kremlin"

    What is 'Kremlin' going to get from 'Russia' and 'Russia' from 'Kremlin' by signing the air defense deal.

  2. Yes Stevie, this is certainly !NOT GOOD! in terms of both spiritual and biblical prophetic truths coming to pass and how mankind must suffer. Yet glorious because of the absolute power and majesty of the Lord God being in complete control at all times and to eventually break forth His Eternal Kingdom on earth as it is heaven!
    Ezekiel 38 is coming alive in real time. Many just think this is another Nation/Middle East conflict that has nothing to do with the European and American nations. I mean even the Bible has nothing to with in particular America as not mentioned or known in scripture. Well, if you search the scriptures you will find that God is inclusive of ALL the nations of the world (in the end of days and never before in history) being under His judgement and anger as they all continue to shake their fist at Him as is being done in the USA as well! Others will argue that this has already past and the nations involved were the nations existing in biblical times and not for the modern age!!! This again takes study and discernment to know what is going on is so blatantly obvious in the scriptures....THE END IS THE END NOT BEFORE OR AFTER!!!!
    Yes the whole of Europe and The American continents will be totally involved as Russia, Iran, Syria inclusive of ISIS and probably China and North Korea go up against the coalition of Saudi Arabia and Turkey taking the lead along with at least ten other nations in which the most of them are prophesied in the Old Testament as to their Biblical names and location...without Question.
    Damascus, Syria is prophesied to be completely destroyed and then as the godless Middle Eastern nations drive NATO, inclusive of America and Europe all will become involved because of NATO's contractual agreement with Turkey. This will most certainly start WWIII.
    Afterwards there will again be an all out war with Israel, but without the help of America as it will be so weakened by destuction that it cannot help. Then Israel after losing 2/3rds of their people will call upon Adonai Yeshua/Lord Jesus the Messiah, Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Heavenly Army Captain named "Captain of the Hosts"!!!
    Now is the time to be aware and prepare in every area of our lives and most of all spiritually to love, believe, trust, follow and serve hard the One and Only True God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and Yeshua/Jesus the true and only Messiah (The Anointed One) all in us being led by the Holy Spirit of God.
    Absolutely not allah, buddah, the pope (as so-called holy father) the Morman false god, the Jehovah Witness false god and all the many other truly satanic false gods and religions!

  3. More BS! Don't believe everything you get from Forbes. Malcolm and Co. are in the business of making money above all other considerations. And keep nations as enemies keeps the arms trade going. Russia has no interest in taking over Turkey, though it does have an interest in continuous use of the straits and Turkey as an ally.
    What Putin is trying to get the U.S. Empire to understand is to stay on your half of the globe and stop invading the whole world. We don't accept your offer to police the world. We're big boys now.

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