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Snipers hunt police in Dallas: Five officers killed, 6 wounded

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(Worthy News) - As many as 11 Dallas, Texas, police officers were shot and five killed late Thursday after two snipers opened gunfire during an otherwise peaceful protest downtown over recent police shootings, according to Dallas Police.

Four Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority officers were among the law enforcement officers who were shot, three with non-life-threatening injuries. Three Dallas Police Department officers, and one DART officer, were killed as of midnight local time. Another death was reported by the department just after 2 a.m. Friday local time. [ Source ]

11 Officers Shot, 4 Fatally, by Snipers Amid Dallas Protest Against Police Killings

(Worthy News) - Eleven police officers were shot ambush-style, including four fatally, in Dallas Thursday night by at least two snipers, amid a protest against the recent police shootings of two black men, Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Minnesota, according to the Dallas Police.

Officials said the gunmen aimed to kill as many officers as possible. Among the officers killed, at least one was a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer and at least one of the wounded was a DART officer.

One suspect is in custody, following a shootout with Dallas SWAT officers, police said, and a suspicious package was found near the suspect's location. Police said the package is being secured by the bomb squad. [ Source ]

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Worthy Christian News » US News » Snipers hunt police in Dallas: Five officers killed, 6 wounded

4 thoughts on “Snipers hunt police in Dallas: Five officers killed, 6 wounded

  1. As I watch these reports of police officers being assassinated by 2 or more snipers, I want to thank our President for his 7+ years of racially divisive rhetoric and George Soros for his funding of racial violence from groups like Black Lives Matter. 4 officers dead so far of at least 11 who have been shot and at least one civilian wounded in the leg while shielding her 4 small children.

  2. A comment from across the pond.
    From much of what the American media has been showing recently, some police appear to be very racist, and are imposing their version of law and order instead of maintain law and order with the consent of the public.
    A few days ago, America celebrated rebelling against, and forcefully throwing off, a legitimate, if oppressive government.
    If the police are viewed by a large minority of the population as an oppressive force being used by the state against them, then, to many it will seem to be their patriotic duty to stand up against the state and resist, by force if necessary.
    Sorry, but this does seem to fit in with a perceived notion that many Americans consider their government to be controlled by sinister forces that are conspiring against them.

    • there are definitely bully cops, but none who go out intending to shoot someone that day. The race war idea was very fringe and rejected until the fringe took the whitehouse and justice dept. and promotes division over and over through the media bully pulpit. We (the multitude) reject it, but as a few misfit murderers in Israel keep everyone there on edge, they are trying to do the same here. So far not working.....

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Worthy Christian News » US News » Snipers hunt police in Dallas: Five officers killed, 6 wounded