Hamas declares Temple Mount ‘victory,’ calls new ‘day of rage’

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(Worthy News) - Some 2,000 members of the Hamas terror group marched in the Gaza Strip Wednesday to mark “victory” after Israel removed contested metal detectors from entrances to the Temple Mount a day earlier in a bid to calm tensions.

The group also called for a fresh “day of rage” throughout the West Bank on Friday to protest continued Israeli security measures at the site.

The group urged Palestinians to “respond to the ongoing events in order to deter Israel from continuing its violations against our people and holy places,” according to Israel’s Channel 2. [ Source:Times of Israel (Read More...) ]

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5 thoughts on “Hamas declares Temple Mount ‘victory,’ calls new ‘day of rage’”

  1. It's like watching your child do stupid things, over and over again. The only thing that comfort us when Israel backslides like that is knowing eventually they will once more trust in the God of their fathers, with all their hearts, and all their strength, and all their minds (all that is within them) and so He will win the day, for them. Last I checked the UN still wasn't Elohim/YHWH. Why do they look to the UN, or the US, for this stuff? We can't blame it on their Rabbis anymore, they've told them. The Torah is full of warnings to not rely on "neighboring" countries. Who is their neighbor, the ones who acted like it (in the past). I think they forget just who helped the State of Israel come back into being, the UN was used, a US President (esp) was key but that Pres. died quite some time ago. It's God who never dies or turns on His beloved.

    So, they caved and took down everything? Then Hamas tells it's people to turn to peace, and a day of rage? So much for placating them. Israel does what's asked of them and Hamas declares another day of rage. Aren't there some teachings somewhere online regarding bullies and how to deal with them? If the authorities won't listen what's the bullies victim supposed to do? Israeli PM, you listening?

  2. Wait a second! The terrorist group shot & killed Israeli officers & Israel is wrong?

    If they are not considering bringing any weapons what's their objection? Hmm metal detectors would find Knives, Guns, etc....
    IF IT SUCH THEIR 'holy' place (& having been hit by stone throwing little Muslim terrors-in-training Apt/May 1999) where acts of hatred & dogs defecate & stools left - why bring weapons????

    They know no peace! Want no peace!

    PM Bibi - put the metal detectors back & more!
    They are not to be trusted!
    May this generation of terrorists be the last, God please close their wombs, make the men sterile...like the generation of the Children of Israel who wandered until all who had been unfaithful, doubting died out!

  3. They removed the metal detectors and are installing high security cameras instead. Yes, Palestinians are full of hate. Its instilled in childhood. We have Palestinian neighbors who celebrated 9/11 when it happened. Their little boy in all innocence knocked on our door to ask us to their party.

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