Trump declares Hurricane Irma emergencies as Florida worries megastorm could be worse than Harvey

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(Worthy News) - As Hurricane Irma barreled toward the Caribbean on Tuesday -- on a path that could send the Category 5 megastorm toward Florida -- people up and down the state were starting to prepare for the worst.

President Trump declared emergencies in Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, which allows for the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to coordinate disaster relief efforts there.

"If there is an evacuation order in your area, please follow it," Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday. "We can rebuild your home but we cannot rebuild your life." [ Source (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Trump declares Hurricane Irma emergencies as Florida worries megastorm could be worse than Harvey”

  1. My brothers and sisters, Beloved of God, pray that God our Father and Messiah's Abba will take you and move you, just plain pick you up if necessary, and move you to where the face of the Dragon can not get to you, or harm you.

    "the dragon" manifests in many ways, this season, it includes catagory 5 hurricanes. This is necessary for your safety, the gospel, and our continued survival on this earth. If you don't care to die or not, pray for your loved ones, brethren, your family.

    Hey, we could also pray for our enemies too. Isaiah fed his enemies. Jesus did far more for his.

    These things are just the beginning birth pangs.

    When a nation will not humble itself (just like the individual) God then must humble us Himself.

    Cry out unto the Lord.

    Call upon His Name.

    Be "in" Christ; "in" Messiah, for your Salvation.

  2. Father!

    Have mercy.

    Have mercy, we implore You.

    On the infants and their mothers.

    On the unborn and their mothers and fathers.

    On the aged, the infirm, the disabled.

    Our God, our Father, have mercy,

    We pray.

    Even on "the winter white house" we ask
    for Your mercy.

    Guide the leaders, move them, with your will,

    To do Your will.

    For those who have no defense, no defenders.

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