Awaken the Dawn! What's Behind the 'Holy Spirit Woodstock' Coming to DC

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(Worthy News) - This vast expanse of public land stretching from Capitol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial has seen many mass gatherings across the decades. But never one aimed simply at worshipping the Savior of mankind around-the-clock for days in a row. Yet that's what's coming October 6th-9th.

Tens of thousands of Christians praising and praying will fill some 57 tents, taking up much of that vast space running through the heart of the nation's capital.

David Bradshaw, the visionary and organizer of "Awaken the Dawn," told CBN News, "Starting right at Third Street by the Capitol going all the way down to 14th, which is right there in front of the Washington Monument, there's going to be a tent city. Every state will have a tent. And every tent will be filled with worship and prayer 24 hours a day." [ Source (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Awaken the Dawn! What's Behind the 'Holy Spirit Woodstock' Coming to DC”

  1. Awesome.

    But you don't know what comes after.

    I do.

    Satan will attack. He will attack her (Chavah, forgiven) and all (everyone of) those new children. He will.

    So, start to get this right. It's not just a woodstock. It's not just about prayer and worship. It's not just about evangelism either. Those are hoping to "take back America" this way, will soon be failed.

    There is no mention of the Messianic in all of this. Catholics have been included. Well, sure, let them come meet the real Living Word of God. Invite all. But the two side of Christianity are not Protestant and Catholic.

    More than just a new (a rebirth) of the Jesus People Movement is needed.

    If you pray for God's will be done, He just might do it and it will not at all look like what you (David's tent and The Call) think this nation needs.

    They left out calling the old women. They forgot that God gave promises to the widow, to the "desolate woman" aka the abandoned woman, she who was cast out of her huband's (or her fathers) house unrighteously.

    The USA is full of them, well, half full. But she gets to "cry out unto the Lord" with a promise only orphans (the fatherless) and "strangers in the land" otherwise have.

    Read the history of "cry out unto the Lord."

    Chavah is about to surface. Satan will show.

    Our prayer is that he (the evil one and all his) will be prevented from harming her. God give her refuge and safety. God save her and all her children.

    God forgive her (male and female, all the genders, and them who are confused).

    Lord cover them, around the world, we see them now, rising up, showing her face, her body (covered). Protect and defend her. Nourish her.

    She shows.

    Have mercy on her other children.

    You notice this did not, is not, happening inside a "church"?

    Nor will it, ever. Trying to then stuff it inside of a church anywhere will kill (put to sleep at best) them who cooperate with such efforts.

    Do not call it Church and see what happens.

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