President Trump says TV networks should have their licenses challenged over ‘fake news,' calls press freedom 'disgusting'

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(Worthy News) - President Trump made the First Amendment his No. 1 enemy on Wednesday, calling freedom of the press “disgusting” and suggesting the TV networks he doesn’t like should lose their broadcasting licenses.

Triggered by an unflattering story from NBC News, Trump zeroed in on the network while making some of his most overt threats yet to the press. [ Source: NY Daily News (Read More...) ]

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4 thoughts on “President Trump says TV networks should have their licenses challenged over ‘fake news,' calls press freedom 'disgusting'

  1. Worthy News, Please specify for us when and where President Trump called freedom of the press 'disgusting'. Would you mind posting the whole sentence in context? I know he thinks that many journalists within biased, Leftist news organizations are deceptive and their constant flood of false propaganda is bad for the country and that what these deceivers do poses a danger to the US and that would make them disgusting people as far as he's concerned but I have not heard him intimate in any way that the constitutional amendment is disgusting.

  2. It's a curiosity to me: Why are all the Jewish owned News Networks and Hollywood and Entertainment companies and Banks and Central Banks against President Donald Trump......... when Benjamin Netanyahu and so many Jewish people in Israel are FOR him?

    Maybe there's someone out there that can enlighten me.

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