F-35s set to see operational action in IDF service next month

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(Worthy News) - The Israeli Airforce is pulling no stops as it makes sure that the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters will be fully integrated and operational by December of this year. The work is conducted with a keen eye on how to deliver intelligence detected by the jet to the relevant units in the IAF and beyond.

The F-35 is often hailed as a jet that claims to do, and might achieve, the impossible – to take off vertically when there’s no rundown for lift off, to fly undetected by enemy radars and if needed, to subdue any enemy pilot foolish enough to challenge it to a dogfight.

While the other pilot has to read various screens while sitting in the cockpit the F-35 pilot enjoys a unique augmented reality helmet that allows him or her to see through the entire plane, making split-second decisions and reflexes a little smoother and faster. Which could make all the difference in high-intensity air-combat. [ Source: Jerusalem Post (Read More...) ]

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