UN launches ‘unprecedented’ $1.3 billion legal campaign against Israel

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(Worthy News) - The United Nations has earmarked some $1.3 billion to fund Palestinian legal campaigns against Israel and to support the creation of an independent Palestinian state, in what experts are calling an unprecedented act singling out the Jewish state at the world body.

A document that was recently signed between the U.N. and the Palestinians outlines a “strategic programming framework” in the disputed territories from 2018-2022, and states that the U.N. will work to advise the Palestinian Authority on how to exploit “international accountability mechanisms” in order to hold Israel accountable for alleged violations of international law. The document is set to come into effect Jan. 1, 2018.

The document makes no references to Palestinian violations of international law and human rights, nor does it specify that the $1.3 billion in funding should be applied to humanitarian assistance. Rather, the U.N. document states that the money should be used for developing programs that support “Palestine’s path to independence.” [ Source: JNS (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “UN launches ‘unprecedented’ $1.3 billion legal campaign against Israel”

  1. So, where is the billion dollar fund to help establish the Alaskan nation of Alaska, in Alaska, once again for the Alaskan Native tribes? Apparently, buying up Alaska without asking any Alaskan natives (who remain to this day "Alaskan Native", not American natives) for their approval, is just not as popular as trying to void the UN's recognition of the State of Israel instead of giving that land to the Palestinians as England had promised. Okay, so the UN regrets giving their approval to the (re)establishment of Israel in the middle east for the Jews and all their posterity. We get that.

    However, now the UN really has broken ground on establishing a new precident, that of attempting a hostile takeover of a whole (UN recognized) nation.

    Really, what nations do rightly exist except it came from what was before? Wales, Scotland and we all know Ireland, have been arguing that England had no right to overtake them in the first place for how long now?

    Where's the billion dollar fund to overturn England's claim to those too.

    Where IS Nicola Sturgeon when we need her? This makes so many PM's look negligent in their duties if the UN can be petitioned by minority populations to take back territories. I'm not trying to take back the house I lost in foreclosure just because I lost it, legally.

    Or is it (perhaps) just plain old-fashioned antisemitism, at work here? Hmm?

    "Come, Lord Jesus, come."

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