An Upheaval in the Israeli Government: Ariel Sharon Elected as Prime Minister

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Ariel Sharon, the leader of the Likud Part in Israel and ex-general of the IDF, was yesterday (February 7, 2001) elected as the new Prime Minister of Israel. He was supported by 62.6% of the voters while only 37.4% supported Ehud Barak. Never before in Israel has a prime Minister been elected by such a high percentage of the voters.

His election represents a revolution in the attitude of the Israeli public. This has an important meaning for the past and present and great application for the future in Israel. More than anything else, the Israeli public wanted in this way to say a great NO! to the plans of Prime Minister Barak to compromise with the murderer, Yasser Arafat, and his PLO terrorists on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Gaza and to accept the plan of ex-president Clinton to give the Temple Mount, the Old City of Jerusalem, East Jerusalem and 95% of Judea, Samaria and Gaza to establish a terrorist and enemy so-called “Palestinian” state in all of these areas. Never before in the 4000-year history of Israel has any leader been ready to give the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the land to the enemies of Israel or to anyone else by free will and international agreement. When enemies attacked Israel and tried to take any part of the land from them, especially the Temple Mount, the site of the G–d of Israel and His house, and Jerusalem, they Israelites fought and gave their lives to save them. Tens of millions of Jews gave their lives in battle for the Temple Mount and Jerusalem and any other Biblical part of the land. The Israel nation was shocked when ex-Prime Minister Barak negotiated with the terrorists about these areas and was ready to give it to them despite the fact that the G–d of Israel warned His people never to negotiate or give away any part of the land, especially the Temple Mount and Jerusalem, which are the heart soul and eternal focus of the G–d and people of Israel. They could not accept it. It broke their hearts and they decided to say a resounding NO to Ehud Barak and his government.

Ehud Barak was not only removed from his position as prime minister but he did what the G–d and people of Israel expected of him to do: he decided to retire from the Knesset and from his position as leader of the Labour party. His behaviour, his plans and his sins which were bad in the eyes of the G–d of Israel will be remembered in the history of Israel as a terrible negative time in the her history and as a black mark. He was only the prime minister for one and a half year and in such a short time so many bad things happened to Israel. The weakness of his government encouraged the terrorists of the murderer, Yasser Arafat, to attack Israel, to carry out terror operations and to murder many innocent Israelis. For the first time Israelis started to feel insecure and that the state was in great danger. The Arabs started to feel that perhaps this was their opportunity to fulfil their historical goal to destroy Israel. Not only in Iraq and Iran could these voices be heard but all over the Middle East. The Israeli nation felt orphaned from leadership and everyone said that we only have our eternal great Father, the G–d of Israel. There is no doubt that the G–d of Israel saved us from this terribly dangerous situation as He has always done. Barak, his plans and his sins were not acceptable to the G–d of Israel and He removed him from office as He did to all the other Prime Ministers who tried to give away parts of the land of Israel to enemies and strangers. This was especially so now when Barak tried to put his hand on the Temple Mount and Jerusalem which is His heart and to give it to strangers and murderers. How could he do such a terrible abomination to the holiness of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem?!

It was not an accident that the process which led to Sharon’s election was his visit to the Temple Mount four and a half month ago. Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount itself was also not an accident. G–d put it in his heart to go up to the Temple Mount after the negotiations over the Temple Mount and Jerusalem at Camp David to demonstrate the eternal sovereignty of the G–d and people of Israel over this most holy site and to give a very clear NO! to the terrible plans to give it away to the PLO terrorists of the murderer, Arafat. These enemies of Israel understood very well the meaning of the Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount and they started the war against Israel with the encouragement of all the Arab countries and their many allies all over the world. This was the way of the G–d of Israel to warn Barak and his government and all the people of Israel of the results of giving away these holy sites, especially the Temple Mount and Biblical Jerusalem to strangers and terrorists. When these events started Barak became weaker and weaker as all the other parties in his coalition left him one after another. After this even his close friends from his party and all the people of Israel left him. This was the judgement of G–d and G–d decided that the man who visited, fought and demonstrated for Him and His holy mountain should be elected with such a large majority. It was also a very clear and important message of the G–d of Israel to His enemy, the terrorist Arafat and his band, the Arab enemies of Israel and to all the nations of the world that He is determined to continue to save Israel and not to allow any enemy or stranger to put his hand on the holy mountain, Jerusalem and the land of the G–d and people of Israel. In His special way that so many enemies and nations all over the world do not want or are too blind to understand, He showed everyone that he is the great Father of Israel and that He will never allow anyone even to touch them. He showed everyone that He is determined to continue and to accomplish the one real process in Israel: the redemption of the people and the land of Israel, the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. He showed everyone, especially Israel’s enemies, that whether they want it or not, the Temple Mount will very soon be the site of His holy temple and that Israel should purify it and immediately rebuild the temple so that the G–d of Israel will dwell among His people and in the midst of all the earth. He showed everyone that Jerusalem cannot and will never be a capital of any strange nation but only the capital of the G–d and people of Israel and that forever.

For all of these purposes the G–d of Israel caused Sharon to be elected to be the Prime Minister of Israel at a very godly and critical time in her history. A very great godly responsibility lies on the shoulders of Ariel Sharon. G–d has given him a great moment, privilege and mission. If he will open a new time and way in Israel and fulfil these purposes of the G–d of Israel then he will have the blessings of G–d and strength to do so. This will be the climax of his life and the life of Israel. There is no other way. This is what the G–d of Israel is saying at this special time. Only this way will open a great time in the life of Israel and all the world. Ariel Sharon is called by the G–d of Israel not to fear the many enemies and their allies. He is called to fear only the G–d of Israel, to trust Him, to walk together with Him and to do what G–d expects of him at this critical time of redemption.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement calls on Ariel Sharon to be faithful to these prophetic end-time purposes for Israel and all the world. We call on everyone to encourage him to do so and to stand bravely together with the G–d and people of Israel and The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement at this special time. Very soon we shall see the fulfilment of all G–d’s promises to Israel and all mankind.

In the G–d of Israel we trust.

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