Roy Moore Responds: 'Obama-Clinton Machine, Forces of Evil' Trying to Silence 'Christian Conservatives Like Me'

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(Worthy News) - Judge Roy Moore (R-Ala.) released several tweets in response to a Washington Post report that he committed sexual misconduct on a 14-year-old girl in the 1970s.

Moore, 70, was 32 at the time of the alleged incident.

Moore, who is facing attorney Doug Jones (D) in the race to replace now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said the "Obama-Clinton machine" is predictably launching vile attacks against him. [ Source: Fox News (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Roy Moore Responds: 'Obama-Clinton Machine, Forces of Evil' Trying to Silence 'Christian Conservatives Like Me'”

  1. Well, now he knows what it's like for the little-dog.

    They are only being this bold against the likes of him and our President too because their confidence only grew and grew as they took down Mom and Dad:; husband after husband after father and son and brother, Uncle and grandad.

    Then, they turned it on sister, and girlfriend, auntie and even grandma too. Neighbor against neighbor, hidden spies and those on SSI assigned to report to their handlers over at MH too.

    First State Senator's then US Senator's, Attorney's General and Judges galore.

    And he is surprised it happens to him? Has he not presided over courts where Psychologists and Psychiatrists give testimony as if they have x-ray vision into the very thoughts in peoples heads? Had he not presided over courts wherein Psychologists and Psychiatrists give evidence obtained without legal representation (attorneys) permitted to the accused?

    Has he not seen all these things everyday, on the job?

    And he now wonders that they dare to afflict him too?

    Trump wonders?

    It's the New American Way.

    Don't you like it?

    Right, never did the rest of the country while it was being torn to shreds these last 30 years of screaming about it, to our judges and Representatives, pastors, Rabbis, doctors, lawyers, and priests.

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