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The 17th Tamuz, The Day the Romans Occupied and Burned Jerusalem.

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A fast day for the Faithful Movement and Israel in Jerusalem and around the Temple Mount

On the 17th Tamuz, Sunday 8th July 2001, the Faithful Movement, the Israelis and Jews all over the world will commemorate the day of the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70CE.

On this day we, and many Israelis, will be in Biblical Jerusalem and around the gates of the Temple Mount (which are still closed) to mourn this terrible event which occurred 1931 years ago and remains in the memory of the Jewish people as the most terrible day in their history: their beloved capital, the city of G–d, was completely burned and destroyed and the Jewish inhabitants of the city were killed in cruel ways. This occurred after a 10-month siege of the city when many of the Israelis in the city died of hunger and thirst but they fought against the soldiers of the Roman Empire with great motivation and determination not to surrender to the pagan enemy and not to allow the city to fall into the hands of the enemy. It was an heroic battle against the greatest empire of the time. When Jerusalem fell the battle continued within the walls of the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount became a castle of the priests, the Levites and the Israeli soldiers who fought for more than 3 weeks until, on Tisha b’Av, the Romans entered the Temple Mount and burned the temple. The Israelis preferred to die in an heroic battle inside the Temple Mount and the temple rather that to allow the Romans to occupy and destroy the house of G–d which was the most important thing in their lives and without which there was no longer any meaning to their lives or reason to live.

After Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were burned and occupied by the Romans, the battle against the enemy continued for many years. Many millions of Jews died in this heroic battle to protect their holy land and to protect and liberate the land, the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

More than 1900 years after these terrible events, the Jews in the land and all over the world where they were taken into exile by the Romans and later the Arabs, never forgot these terrible events and time. Until today, this is a day of fasting and mourning. This is a time of sadness, prayers and a great hope which was never lost to liberate and rebuild the temple, Jerusalem and all the holy land which G–d gave them. They swore to never forget them. They remained faithful to the G–d and land of Israel and to their eternal goal to rebuild the house of G–d and Jerusalem and to again make them the focus and centre of their lives, spirits and deep faith in the G–d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

On this day the Faithful Movement and the Israelis will be in the same places which the Romans burnt and destroyed in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount with prayers and a strong attachment to the walls of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. It will not only be a time of mourning for the terrible events but we shall also lift our eyes to the hill and city of G–d and the eternal capital of Israel with a great determination and dedication to redeem and rebuild the house of G–d and Jerusalem and to glorify them even more than at any time in the past. We shall say to the people of Israel and to all the world: never again!! In these holy sites we shall swear to never forget this terrible lesson but, at the same time, to continue our godly, historical fight and march for the rebuilding of the temple, Jerusalem and the holy land of Israel, to welcome our beloved G–d in His rebuilt temple, to place Him in the centre of the life of Israel and all the world and to make Israel a biblical nation with a biblical mission as G–d privileged and commanded us to be.

We shall fight against the enemies of Israel who again want to destroy and burn the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, the land of Israel and all the house of Israel. Together with the G–d of Israel we shall win the battle. The end-time redemption of Israel cannot be prevented. Who can fight against the G–d of Israel and the Universe and prevent His determination to redeem Israel and then all the world. Very soon in our lifetime we shall see the fulfilment of all the prophetic end-time plans for Israel and, through Israel, with all the world.

Those who trust in G–d and stand with Israel in these exciting and critical times will see the great day of redemption. We call on everyone to stand together with G–d and the Temple Mount Faithful Movement in the battle and campaign to make this godly vision a reality in our lifetime. Everyone is called on to pray the words of Psalm79, Zechariah8, Ezekiel37-44 and Isaiah11,60,&62.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » The 17th Tamuz, The Day the Romans Occupied and Burned Jerusalem.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » The 17th Tamuz, The Day the Romans Occupied and Burned Jerusalem.