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The Destruction Digs are Renewed

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Since the Palestinian riots have occurred, Israelis have no access to the Temple Mount. This has caused us some difficulties of being updated about what has been going on in the Mount the recent weeks. The following information has reached the CPDATM from reliable sources, and unfortunately, shed a very dark light on the archaeological situation of the Temple Mount:

· New diggings have occurred in the last few weeks. A channel 1m deep, and 3-4m wide was dug northwest from the 'Solomon's stables' structure.

· 7 days ago, a JCB tractor has entered the Mount with 7 more trucks.

· The new terrace system in the new mosque entrance, north to Solomon's stables, has also been paved.

· At least 70 trucks were counted leaving the Temple Mount with archaeological debris.

· There is also construction inside the Golden gate.

· Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, has authorized the Waqf to pave another 200sqr. Last time he authorized the pavement of an area of 2700sqr, the Waqf has paved and area of 4000sqr.

· Lots of blocks, cement and other construction materials has been brought to the Mount.

· The IAA and the A-G relate to the recent Waqf activities very severely. They cannot do anything about it, because their hands are tied by the PM, who chooses not to prevent the archaeological destruction. The PM has authorized the Waqf to have 6 trucks on the Mount per day. In spite of this, the Palestinian newspapers report that Israel is preventing them from entering construction materials into the Mount.

· Since the riots have erupted, even the IAA archaeologists are banned from entering the Mount. There is an agreement with the Waqf that they can accompany the trucks existing the Mount to the dumping location.

· The CPDATM has sent urgent applications to the Prime Minister, but they are constantly being ignored. The CPDATM has announced to the Attorney General that if the government of Israel will not act to enforce the antiquities law in the Temple Mount, they will apply to the Supreme Court.

Update from 13-11-00: While all eyes are to the riots all over Israel, the Waqf continues its unsupervised construction on the Temple Mount, destroying more antiquities. Underground rooms in the Solomon's stables, Old-Al-Aqsa and in underground halls near the western wall has been “cleaned” from ancient debris that contains archaeological artifacts. The eastern surface of the Mount looks like a dumpsite now.

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » The Destruction Digs are Renewed

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » The Destruction Digs are Renewed