The Arabs Continue to Dig, to Destroy the Remains of the Temple and to Build Mosques

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The Arabs on the Temple Mount, who actually represent the PLO and the terrorist, Yasser Arafat, continue to dig, to destroy the remains of the temple and to build mosques on the Temple Mount, the most holy place of G–d and Israel and all the earth. They have not only started to do this now but have been doing so for years. We have reported about these activities on a number of occasions. We have previously petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court as well as holding demonstrations in an attempt to stop these criminal and evil activities.

The goal of the Arab in undertaking these activities is to destroy all the remains and evidence of the First and Second Temples and the historical godly fact that for thousands of years the Temple Mount was the site of the Jewish temple and that the G–d of Israel dedicated this place to be for His holy house alone. At the same time their goal is to make it completely an Islamic site and to change the character of the Temple Mount and make it into one big mosque. As experts of historical lies, the Moslems are trying in this way to say that the Temple Mount was never the site of the temple and it is only the site of a mosque over the last 1363 years since the Islamic occupation of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the land of Israel when they built their pagan shrines on the location of the First and Second Temples. There is no doubt that they have illusions if they think that in this way they will succeed to move the G–d of Israel and the Universe from His holy site and to deny His existence.

For hundreds of years they have used lies to change the history of the world and to make it into an Islamic one. Throughout their historical occupation of parts of the world when they occupied not only the land of Israel but also the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe and Asia, they destroyed holy places of the occupied nations and built mosques in their place. An important example is the big church of Ayah Sofia in Constantinople which was the centre of Eastern Christianity like the Vatican was to the Western Church. Today this church is one of the biggest mosques. This expresses their historical goal which has never changed and continues today even more intensively which is to occupy all the world and place it all under Islamic domination. It is such a sad situation that all the Western world is today too blind to see and understand this great danger because of materialistic and political reasons. I hope that they will not wake up too late. We in Israel feel the terrible and cruel pressure of the Islamic world. We are in the front-line of the battle and all the Western world is immediately behind us and they are beginning to feel this pressure in many ways. Even the United States is coming under this pressure. According to some demographic experts there are already been 12 and 20 million Moslems living there and the figure is growing daily. The already feel strong enough to threaten people, organisations and groups that do not agree with their ideology. Many mosques are springing up all over the country. Anti-American, anti-Western and anti-Israeli speeches can be heard in many of them. Underground groups have started to use violence and have even dared to bomb buildings like the Twin Towers in New York. Again we warn the Western world to wake up before it is too late.

Now the Arabs, the PLO and the terrorist, Yasser Arafat, are using violence against the hill of the G–d of Israel, the centre of all the earth, and the heart, the soul and the eternal focus of Israel. The y are now trying to fight against the G–d of Israel and the Universe like many powers before them who had illusions that they could defeat the G–d of Israel but very soon they were judged by the Holy One of Israel and disappeared from history. The same, and even more, will happen to them. Soon they will be judged by the G–d of Israel in the day of judgement that G–d spoke of in the Bible and they will disappear, not only from the land of Israel, but from all the land of G–d. G–d now expects Israel to be strong, to trust His covenant promises to them and to stop these barbarians and their vandalism on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and all over the land of Israel. The G–d of Israel has tears in His eyes when He sees the weakness of the Israeli Government under the pressure of arab enemies, their allies and the Western powers and the government shows its weakness under these pressures and allows them to continue this anti-godly and barbaric destruction on the Temple Mount. G–d expects Israel to prevent these activities immediately and not to allow the destruction of His holy site and the remains of His First and Second Temples.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement decided at this critical time, in the name of all the people of Israel, to do what G–d is expecting of them to do and to be faithful and trust His covenant and promises to Israel. What especially broke our hearts with these barbaric activities was that they are now digging on the very holy site of the First and Second Temple, very close to the site of the Holy of Holiest. Also the big tunnel that they are now digging in the southern complex of the temple to connect the so-called "Solomon's Stables" to the Hulda Halls, both of which were the main entrance of millions of pilgrims which was built by King Herod who remodelled the Second Temple. They also continue to dig in an area of 1200 square metres on the Temple Mount along the eastern wall. They are digging down for at least 1 metre. In these diggings they have destroyed the remains from the First and Second Temples using tractors and mechanical shovels and many thousands of cubic metres of the holy remains and earth were removed and dumped in a garbage dump in the Kidron Valley and other places. Other diggings are occurring in other areas of the Temple Mount and in the complex of the Mercy (Golden) Gate. The Arabs do not allow Israeli archaeologists to go up onto the Temple Mount to check and control their activities and the Israeli authorities, unfortunately, are too weak to force the Arabs to allow entry to the archaeologists and to respect the Israeli law and the feelings of the Israeli people and millions all over the world towards the holy site of G–d.

Israel is now in a great test from G–d: to trust His covenant with them and His promises to them. The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement decided to face this test and to do everything to bring these anti-godly and barbaric activities to an end. This is not only a terrible crime against G–d and His holy site but it is against Israeli and International law, against humanity and the deepest feelings of the Israeli people and many millions all over the world. This is also a crime against science and archaeology. When they destroy the most holy remains on the Temple Mount, at the same time they destroy the most important archaeological remains in all the world.

One of the steps of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement in the campaign to stop these barbaric activities was to present a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court and which was discussed today (1st February, 2001) before a 3-judge panel. In this petition we asked the Supreme Court to order the Israeli Government, the legal advisor of the government, the Israeli Antiquities Authority, the commander of police in Jerusalem, the mayor of Jerusalem and the Islamic Waqf on the Temple Mount to immediately stop these digging, destructive and building activities: to enforce the Israeli law which does not allow these activities and considers them to be a crime against the laws of maintaining the holy places, the antiquities laws and the planning and building laws. In the petition we also asked that these crimes be investigated and that the Arabs responsible should be brought to justice. We also asked that the site should be returned to the state that it was in prior to the commencement of these activities. In the petition we mentioned that in a previous petition which we made in 1993, the Supreme Court ruled that from that time on the authorities of Israel should exert very strong control over what the Arabs do on the Temple Mount and to ensure that they respect the law relating to the maintenance of the value of the antiquities on the Temple Mount. We also wrote in the petition that despite this previous ruling of the Supreme Court, the Arabs continue to undertake their barbaric destruction and that the authorities are not fulfilling their duties to prevent them. We asked that the activities be urgently stopped all over the Temple Mount and especially, and more urgently, in the area where Solomon's Temple ans the Second Temple existed before it will be too late and the damage be irreparable. The petition was presented in the name of the Jewish People, Jewish values and people all over the world.

The interim decision of the judges was:

1. The committee set up by the Prime Minister of Israel today should immediately make an urgent investigation into these Arab activities on the Temple Mount and should present their conclusions to the Supreme Court. This committee will include archaeologists from the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

2. The committee will hear the complaints of The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement concerning these activities.

3. The committee should physically check on the situation on the Temple Mount and report back to the Supreme Court.

4. All the investigations and checks must be done within 10 days.

5. The Supreme Court will sit again after 10 days to discuss the petition of The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement and make a final decision.

The Temple Mount Faithful Movement is very concerned that in the 10-day period the Arabs will intensively continue their criminal activities and destruction and that it might be too late to stop them. Unfortunately the Supreme Court was not ready to immediately order the cessation of activities. They explained that they cannot do so before the committee has presented all the facts. We know that the Arabs do not allow the Israeli archaeologists to enter the Temple Mount and to check and control what they are doing there. Because of the reasons which we mentioned above, the Israeli authorities do not force the Arabs to allow checks to be made.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement will continue this campaign, as well as other campaigns of the Movement, very intensively and urgently. We shall not be silent until the holy site of G–d is rescued, protected and liberated from the barbaric Arabs. We shall do this with all our dedication and devotion from the bottom of our hearts and G–d will be with us. There is no doubt that this is a prophetic, godly, end-time battle and very soon we shall see the light at the end of the tunnel.

To the Arab enemies of the G–d and people of Israel we say: Stop your criminal, barbaric activities!! Who can fight against the G–d of Israel? You have lost the battle even before you started!! Learn the historical lesson of those who tried to do so throughout history. Only the G–d of Israel and the Universe controls the destiny of His chosen people, Israel, His holy site on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the land of Israel.

Nobody will prevent the intensive march of the G–d and people of Israel to redeem the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, the land and people of Israel, to rebuild the temple and to open the door before the coming of Mashiach ben David. All this is soon to come. Blessed and redeemed will be those who join in this godly campaign of The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement, the movement of G–d in these exciting and critical end-times.

We thank G–d that He blessed the holy activities of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement and the Temple Mount has become the focus of the daily news and the centre of attention of the public in Israel and all over the world. Individuals and groups have arisen to join in the fight of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement. One of these important groups which has been formed in Israel over the last few months is a group of leaders ,archaeologists, authors, poets, rabbis, ex-judges and others. One of the members of the group is the ex-mayor of Jerusalem, teddy Kolleck. Today we were informed that a previous President of the Supreme Court, Meir Shamgar, has also joined the group and sent a letter to the Prime Minister to immediately stop this barbaric destruction on the Temple Mount of the most holy, dear and valuable remains of the Jewish temples which are holy and important to the Jewish People and all mankind. We always knew that we would not be alone in this battle for too long. The day has come and we know that everything is going according to the prophetic end-time plans of the G–d of Israel and the Universe. Together with Him we shall overcome all the difficulties and troubles. We call on everyone who has still not joined us in this godly campaign to join us now and to experience the highlight of their lives by being a part of this holy fight and campaign. We advise everyone to lift their eyes and hearts to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. More and more they are going to be at the focus of G–d's activities with His people, Israel, and all the world. Expect great godly events in the life of Israel, the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and all over the land of Israel that G–d promised to Abraham and his seed. We trust in G–d and thank Him for all of this.

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