Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Christians murdered in Nigeria's Kaduna state over Christmas

Christians murdered in Nigeria's Kaduna state over Christmas

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(Worthy News) - Fulani herdsmen have launched two attacks on Christian worshippers in Nigeria's Kaduna State in the Christmas period.

In the first, four people were killed 10 injured in Nimdem village just before Christmas. A press statement released by the Southern Kaduna People's Union said: 'We have once again come under unprovoked and gruesome attack two days before Christmas.'

The statement said: 'This has left us wondering why people who had gathered peacefully for joyful Christmas carols in their village should be gunned down for no reasons.' [ Source: Christian Today (Read More...) ]

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Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Christians murdered in Nigeria's Kaduna state over Christmas

4 thoughts on “Christians murdered in Nigeria's Kaduna state over Christmas

  1. Is only God intervention can stop fulani from murdering christian in Nigeria because killing of christian is to much in Nigeria

  2. After reading the whole article, where it says the herdsmen are Muslim, "so it takes on religious overtones" that's not questionable. These are not some special bunch of (somehow) genetically depraved people picking on Christians there. It's all about the god these herdsmen serve and that is the false god Allah. Just saying that inside that country marks someone (by Shari'a law) for death.

    This is because of Islam and these herdsmen are doing exactly what Islam was designed to do, eradicate "the traitor" in their midst (other Muslims who convert) and destroy utterly the (Christian) missionaries within their territory. One does not have to agree with them that it is "their" territory for them to act as if it is. As we saw so awfully with ISIS groups, yes, they were the extreme. Can't we agree these herdsmen are now extremists too?

    Such open displays (with drama, quizzing, caroling, preaching) by Christians acting as if that time period (Christ-mass) is somehow sacred to God when it was devised by Catholics long ago, they admit it, to counter winter solstice festivals, only shoves Christian activities in the herdsmen's faces.

    Islamic law says that (sometimes, in some places) Christians may live and even practice (within limits) their faith, but only as second-class citizens, without the rights to inherit, etc.

    These Christians are living according to their traditions in villages with mostly only of their own kind. The greater area (national territories) consider it Islamic territory and are behaving as Mohammed did. If the Christians are not going to move, are not going to become refugees themselves, then they should live following Christ, and His Living Word to them, each one of them and yes, be ready to die for it. Jesus told us "do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they turn and rend you for it." Seems pearls are being cast all over the world (most often using the word "church") and them Christians (and Messianics) stop and wonder why? Look to Messiah! Read the instructions he's given to us. It's called the Bible.

    Even in the USA those who really do follow the Living God's Word must be ready to die for it. Most of the time, Jesus just moves us about instead, massive movements of Displaced People, but still, we all must be ready to die for Y'shua (Jesus) as he told us to. 2,000 years does not change the manner of mankind, nor the Word of God.

    Even Sufi Muslims (sometimes) have tried to kill Christians in the USA, long before 9/11. Think of the hundreds, if not thousands, who were suicided (by their Psychiatrists) before that term even became known as a verb, and action. It means to cause someone to commit suicide to get rid of them, or to just kill them by prescription and then it write down as a "suicide" later on. Police do not always use bullets here. Many a US citizen gets labelled (unknowingly) as a "Suicide Risk" when the thought had not yet even entered their mind. Not all Christians put under the care of The Demented ones (Satan's servants, whether they know it, or not) fall for it all. God sometimes frees His people before they get killed off, or are lobotomized by drugs, still, it happens.

    Most of the time, these things are about territory, just as it is for the Jews in Israel, about territory and a counter-religion that wants to wipe certain true faiths off the map.

    Why expect otherwise? Jesus told us it would be this way, which is why and how he is "the Way" no matter where he leads us.

    Is ending up in heaven early really such a bad outcome?

    Once we have Christ, for us, it become the win-win no matter what the evil one throws at us.

    As long as we remain in Messiah.

    But foolishness only sets us up for these things. Let us ask for (and receive) God's wisdom so that we may serve Him longer here on earth, knowing our place and destination with God and His Christ, in Heaven, are solid as the Rock.

  3. Lord I pray again for my brothers and sisters in Christ persecuted around the world. Be with them and strengthen them & give them direction & guidance of the Holy Spirit. Lord protect your children from the enemy and enable them to pray and know with confidence Lord you hear their prayers and will answer them, amen.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Christians murdered in Nigeria's Kaduna state over Christmas