Security cabinet holds 'extremely significant' meetings about northern border

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(Worthy News) - Israel's security cabinet has convened several times in recent days, holding “extremely significant” meetings to discuss developments on the northern border and Iran’s presence in Syria.

According to a report by Channel 10, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held telephone conversations with world leaders and warned them of the danger posed by Iran establishing itself in Lebanon and Syria through its proxies Hezbollah and other Shi’ite militias.

The report said the discussions also focused on the “day after” the Syrian civil war ends with President Bashar Assad as victor and his military regaining control over the country. [ Source: Jerusalen Post (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Security cabinet holds 'extremely significant' meetings about northern border”

  1. What happened when Egypt attacked Israel in the six day war?

    That's how Israel got the Gaza strip.

    This is how Israel remains righteous (no matter what "the nations" say)
    and God increases the Land of Israel until one day it will look like the area that was given to the 12 tribes of Israel originally.

    Meanwhile, all the " DNA" and "22andMe" plus Kohanim DNA testing (plus many others, check out JScreen with Emory University, USA) are only getting better and better at identifying ancestral tribal links. Combined with Genealogy records bases being uploaded daily, what "the Jews" have been holding down the fort as Trustees of, will one day again become all Israel's.

    To attack the Jewish nation now, is suicide, and the loss of lands belonging to them, back to them.

    The Palestinians have been harmed most of all by the Arab nations around them because they refused to let them come in as refugees long ago. If they had let what had been lawfully (okay, they'd been lied to by the British, what country hasn't been?) given to the Jewish Diaspora, stand, at any time between then and now, the blood of their own infants, children, women, aged and soldiers wouldn't be on their heads.

    Conservative Americans, look out, it's not just Rome that is drunk on the blood of martyrs. When Islam has to pull back because of losing this next round also, it's going to find bedfellows in Rome (probably the Russian Orthodox Churches too).

    In Idaho, the Sufi Muslims (and State of Idaho) have been in bed with the Aryans in North Central Idaho (the Panhandle) there, for decades. Destroying the minds of all the Jewish Christians and Christians with Jewish ancestry of any kind, that they can. Together they are not above attempted murders too. It's just not public knowledge because the feds put a lid on it long ago and keep it on. Saladin (Frank) Pelfrey is still alive, but retired now. His network still lives on.

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