Palestinian leaders vote to urge PLO to suspend recognition of Israel

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(Worthy News) - Palestinian leaders voted on Monday to call for the suspension of recognition of Israel, and to suspend security coordination with Israel, as they met in response to US President Donald Trump’s acknowledgment of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The vote ordered the Palestine Liberation Organisation to suspend its recognition of the Jewish state until Israel “recognizes the state of Palestine,” cancels its annexation of East Jerusalem, and stops settlement activity, a statement said.

It was unclear if the vote by the Palestinian Central Council, a high-ranking arm of the PLO, was binding, and a final decision is likely to rest with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. A previous vote by the council in 2015 to suspend security coordination with Israel was never implemented. [ Source: Times of Israel (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Palestinian leaders vote to urge PLO to suspend recognition of Israel”

  1. We , than, can only assume that the State of Israel only waits to take over the Temple Mount, to begin the re-construction of it's Temple, to build in it's own lands there, for it's weapons of war to be completed, considering the apoplectic fits Palestine has already been having at the US Embassy's removal to Jerusalem.

    It is worth mentioning that Abbas, and his, certainly do believe their own lies. Idealism dies hard, esp ideals that are satanic in the first place. There is no other recourse but for the Israeli's to push on ahead.

    Without real leadership, with only someone who is elected, then replaced every few years, real progress is very far off.

    Look how long it has taken Israel to get this far.

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