Chinese Lawyers Accused of 'Illegally' Defending 40 Christians Jailed for Being in 'Cult'

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(Worthy News) - Lawyers who represent dozens of Christians arrested in China could lose their legal certifications after they were accused of illegally defending their clients.

The Chinese Christian persecution watchdog group China Aid reported over the weekend that attorneys who represent 40 Christians arrested during a crackdown on so-called "cult" activities over the last year have been informed that their qualifications will come under the review of officials in China's Yunnan province.

According to China Aid, over 200 people were arrested across Yunnan province for their alleged involvement in the religious organization Three Grades of Servants. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Lawyers Accused of 'Illegally' Defending 40 Christians Jailed for Being in 'Cult'”

  1. Why are these people being called Christians?

    Why is China Aid calling these people Christians?

    Sure, they are being arrested and after reading China Aid's own articles on them, they are a cult. It appears that China is only doing what any country should do and protect their people from Wann-be gods selling a cult in the Name of Jesus whom their leader has replaced?

    There is no Christianity in that.

  2. Lord I cry out for those who are in need of justice & representation in a court room of mankind. It does not matter what your crime or who you are, a just government would provide them with an advocate. Lord I thank you that Jesus is our Advocate in Heaven for those of us who have repented and believed & so become Saved Believers. I ask for your mercy not only for the Chinese Christians and the Lawyers that defended them but for all people in China in need of an advocate so they might get proper representation in the Chinese courtrooms. Lord have mercy, Lord step in on behalf of those in need of legal aide in China, amen.

  3. These Chinese that are being arrested are being so for they would not bow down to the Catholic Church and follow their guidelines. It was the pope and his Jesuit henchman that turned them into the Chinese government for prosecution. Those being arrested are true Christians refusing to follow the government run or Catholic {RCC} run lies they call Christianity.

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