Over 80 Killed in Benue State, Nigeria in January

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(Worthy News) - International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that more than 80 Christians have been killed in Benue State, Nigeria by Fulani militants since January 1. These attacks have mainly taken place in two locations within the state, Logo and Guma Counties. Logo saw more than 50 deaths in just the first week of the new year by Fulani attacks, while Guma suffered more than 30.

These attacks took place less than two months after the state of Benue enacted an anti-open grazing bill, which prevents the Fulani from nomadically moving their cattle throughout all of Nigeria. Benue passed this law in an attempt to end the violence that has been plaguing its people, but it has failed thus far. In an interview with the Punch, the Secretary-General of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Usman Ngelzerma, said that the new bill is the reason for these attacks. "We don't wish for the crisis to continue but let us give it (the law) another look. We don't like the killings; we will never condone the killing of people. Give the farmers their rights, but consider the pastoralists too."

However, even those who were not from the area, but who were just trying to help others escape, were at the mercy of the Fulani attackers. A local from Makurdi, named Vershima, stated that he "had been called upon by some of the people fleeing Guma to come help convey them to Makurdi on Wednesday, January 3. I obliged. On our way out of Guma at about 7:00 p.m., we were ambushed by a company of armed Fulani herdsmen who opened fire on us, killing three of the people I was conveying and injuring me." Vershima was shot in the chest and left for dead by the Fulani, who accosted him and his vehicle. [ Source: Christian Headlines (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Over 80 Killed in Benue State, Nigeria in January”

  1. Worthy News should cease linking articles from ICC on this site, it is too confusing. In reading the article from it's source it still does not clearly tell us if these "Christians" are Catholics or Christians.

    Not that it's okay to abuse/kill Catholics anymore than it is to abuse Yazidi's but the numbers are supposed to be informing us and even whole nations in the world what's going on in the realm of Christian persecution.

    Catholics should keep their own records, and separately from those of us who know better than to "venerate" some fantasy of Mary, the mother of our Lord, as if she holds salvation for anyone. If she had, she'd not have called Jesus her Savior also and it is recording in the NT.

    Likewise, their fantasies about Peter, Paul, Thomas, and myriad assorted saints now "asleep" in Christ plus just plain heritics galore. And these, they openly promote people talking to.

    That is not following Christ but demons pretending to be sainted believers in him, now long deceased.

    Is the Jesus you pray to the one whose words are recorded in the Bible? If not, put your trust in God's (real) only begotten Son. He forgives.

  2. May God Most High comfort those affected and Nigeria government should fhind solution to end this killing by fulani handment be it's too late to control.

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