Puerto Rico: 3,000 Churches Damaged, Fewer Christians Left to Rebuild

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(Worthy News) - The evangelical church in Puerto Rico won’t be the same after Hurricane Maria.

Even congregations that have resumed their regular gatherings after repairing buildings and regaining power are still missing a major part of church life: some of their members.

An estimated 400,000 of the island’s more than 3 million residents have left the US territory for the mainland since the record-setting September storm. Like every other aspect of Puerto Rican life, church attendance has taken a hit. [ Source: Christianity Today (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Puerto Rico: 3,000 Churches Damaged, Fewer Christians Left to Rebuild”

  1. Puerto Rico is just that portion, that place, which shows the whole USA what's coming, in composite picture. Grief heals when we accept what has befallen us. The hard part is getting to acceptance of God having let this happen.

    We've seen the Lord's warnings to us all when hurricanes went over whole islands there last year and before. This is the warning that God spoke, Himself, to the whole contiguous USA last year
    with its coast to coast eclipse. It's the very same warning that Anne (Graham) Lotz is giving out now also.

    Puerto Rico, for some reason, is experiencing it first, before mainland USA. No, I do not mean a hurricane that covers the whole USA. But a plague has already come, this years flu. The fires, Texas, Florida... Perhaps it happened to PR now because look at how difficult it's been for them to obtain help from the rest of the USA. See how sadly the States have treated them as less worthy when Puerto Rico's natural born are citizens of the USA also. Perhaps, if God did not let these things happen in PR now, before all or most of it happens likewise to the Lower 48 States the little help the White House sends them would not have happened at all. What if the peer pressure of the Texas and Florida hurricanes had not also been on everyone's minds too.

    Even Anne Lotz and her brother should take note that "church" is Supersessionism just by Christians using that name for any of their stuff, meetings, buildings, place of worship, etc. Its so much more clearly (worse) Replacement Theology when Christians (or anyone else) uses "The Church" to refer to all the body of "the bride of Christ." Simply by using the word "church" old (i.e. Nicean) Catholic Council decisions are resurrected by Protestants and once more made manifest as Statements of Faith and/or Creeds all over again.

    When will Christians begin to use the Creed that the Bible gave us through the apostles? It's Acts 15: 28-29. That and the Gospel are what we are all to live by and it is the bridge between Messianic Judaism/Nazarene and Christianity worldwide. But what "church" uses it? So our God shuts them down that they might seek His face and ask. There is "no firm foundation" for "church." There is a Rock on which we all may stand firm, and he is the Messiah. He is God's Word. God gave us the Bible, we should be using the "apostles creed" which God gave us.

    The Beloved of Jesus Christ is not The Church though part of her is certainly (true) Christianity. There are Christians in churches, sure. However, only "true church" is heretical to Christianity and if God has to destroy every church building in Puerto Rico to teach us that, I'm on His side. Chose whom you will serve, be on God's side. Look at this word church and look at Acts 15:28-29. Seek God.

    "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done..."

    Because, "The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire."
    Luke 3:9, NIV

    Present day "apostles" running around "planting churches" should be ashamed of themselves and repent. It would be good for Christians and Messianic Jews worldwide to see what it's like to have repentant leaders, for a change. The Grahams can lead the way - if they repent. Franklin knows how to do it, we know that much.

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