Russia church shooting kills 5 after gunman opens fire on people leaving service

(Worthy News) - Five women were killed and several others were injured after a gunman opened fire with a hunting rifle on people leaving a church service in Russia's Dagestan region on Sunday, Russian media outlets reported.

The shooting unfolded outside a church in Kizlyar, a town of about 50,000 people on the border with Chechnya. The Russian news agency TASS cited Svetlana Petrenko of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation as the source for the number of people killed and wounded.

The Islamic State terror network claimed responsibility, according to its Amaq media agency. ISIS said the killer was a "soldier of the caliphate," a man known as Khalil al-Dagestani, The New York Times reported. [ Source: Fox News (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Russia church shooting kills 5 after gunman opens fire on people leaving service”

  1. We really need to find a method by which we are informed early on in articles like these, if it happened in a catholic (Russian Orthodox is catholic, look it up if you don't know this) or a Christian group.

    It's getting really old to be told examples, new news, of Christian persecution that is not. It happened to idolaters. Which is bad, yes, but it's not Christians this has happened to. Russian Orthodox is now (once again) the national religion of Russia.

    Mass shootings both in the USA and Russia are the new normal. They're going to get worse with or without gun laws because the guns are already out there and justice is so lacking on not only Russia and the USA, but esp in the UK and around the world.

    The good news is (besides being the Gospel of Jesus Christ - alone) that if these sickos who run amok with guns do not repent in this lifetime, they will suffer everything they do, and so much more, for all eternity.

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