Abbas, Haley Trade Barbs Over Trump’s Israel Stand at UN

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(Worthy News) - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called President Donald Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem a “dangerous” development in a speech before the United Nations, then walked out before U.S. envoy Nikki Haley retorted that “we will not chase after you.”

Abbas, who renewed his call for an international conference this year to seek a Mideast accord, has vowed not to meet with U.S. officials until the Jerusalem embassy decision is reversed.

“To solve the Palestine question, it is essential to establish a multilateral international mechanism emanating from an international conference,” Abbas said, adding he hoped “to find a way out of the stalemate and crisis we are in.”

However, he finished his address with a warning -- which others may read as a threat -- of violence unless the U.S. restores funds that were cut to the UN Relief and Works Agency, which administers to millions of Palestinian refugees. [ Source: Bloomberg (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Abbas, Haley Trade Barbs Over Trump’s Israel Stand at UN”

  1. What Abbas is doing is called Extortion.

    It is amazing that he and his even think it might work. What is more amazing
    is that it has worked in the past, with other Presidents. Which is now why the USA didn't take a stand for supporting Israel's capital as Jerusalem before this.

    So much that haunts and persecutes The State of Israel is because of what didn't happen rightly in the past.

    When Abbas complains or Iran roars, they show they are but puppets of the demons who control them all. And this is how the demonic act when they can not yet accomplish what their Prince commands of them.

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