In blow to Trump, Supreme Court won’t hear appeal of DACA ruling

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(Worthy News) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the Trump administration's appeal of a federal judge's ruling that requires the government to keep the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program going.

Under a lower court order that remains in effect, the Department of Homeland Security must continue to accept renewal applications from the roughly 700,000 young people who are currently enrolled in the program, known as DACA. The administration had intended to shut the program down by March 5, but that deadline is now largely meaningless.

In a brief order, the court said simply, "It is assumed the court of appeals will act expeditiously to decide this case." [ Source: NBC News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “In blow to Trump, Supreme Court won’t hear appeal of DACA ruling”

  1. Trying to end DACA is like instituting No Fault Divorces, only it takes aim at children instead of "putting asunder" ones spouse when vowed (which is more than a mere promise or contract) loyalty and faithfulness for life.

    Once the USA decided to play God and "dissolve" the first (social) institution (marriage) that the One True God had created, nothing more remains sacred in this land but some humans. As we can now easily see, it isn't homosexuality or gay men who ruined Marriage in the USA. It was those who brought in, then have used, No Fault Divorces. The only suit at law which can not be contested! Then, state after state after state defiles marriage only more and more. That same sex marriages rose up into that vast chasm left in our states/territories, was a no-brainer.

    Soon, we'll have animal brothels too in the USA.

    Can anyone trust a country that "goes back on" it's promises (DACA) to small and defenseless children? And that same country dares to call parents within it "fit" or "unfit"? Like now that many of the DACA children are adults it's okay to send them back to hell? After we promised them safety and lives?

    God have mercy.

    God have mercy on the USA.

    Trump should pay attention when his power-tripping comes up against hashem. If he doesn't know what that is, ask Jared, he knows who and what hashem is. It's a fine thing to be conservative in this day and age (in the USA). It's even okay for some to be registered members of the GOP. It's good and right and proper to be anti-abortion, but our God and His Son are a whole lot bigger than the GOP. Neither of them belongs to the Tea Party either. I daresay they do not agree with all it's efforts and plans, it's hope and dreams.

    Our enemies are not (only) among the Dems. Some of them are into Medicaid Slavery now, it's on the books, its begun.

    And Satanists do exist. Someone tell the FBI that one. The fibbies are still pretending they don't exist.

    Stop picking on the kids! These are the ones who will pay into Social Security one day (if they're not all doing so today). The GOP will only have those who are orphans and "fatherless" "crying out unto the Lord" if Trump keeps this up. Let it be on his own personal house, if he does. The whole USA doesn't deserve (not even the whole GOP) God's wrath if orphans and the fatherless cry out unto our God against them.

    Without "the fear of the Lord" they can say they are Evangelicals but still forget their opponents have the same access to God as they do, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


    Job would defend the children.

    Do Not be a Job's Friend. They got into much trouble, in the end. Some were only forgiven when then Job prayed for them.

  2. If the appeal was to Keep DACA alive, DACA will expire. That's a win for Trump and America! SCOTUS doesn't Make law it rules on the constitutionallity of them. DACA was unconstitutional and with SCOTUS refusing to hear or rule on it, they've already ruled it unconstitutional. Great win for America as DACA expires!!

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