Anne Graham Lotz Says Dad's Death Is Heaven's Wake-Up Call to the Church: 'We've Lost Our Focus'

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(Worthy News) - Billy Graham's daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, says that she believes her father's death will serve as a "Heaven's shot across the bow" to the Church today and stated that, in general, the failure of churches are the reason why the United States is in a spiritual "mess."

The 69-year-old author and evangelist sat down with WRAL-TV for an interview on Monday to talk about the impact of her legendary evangelist father, who passed away last week at the age of 99.

"I believe my father's death is Heaven's shot across the bow. It's time for the Church to wake up," Lotz said. "It's time for the world to wake up because you're not promised tomorrow. You need to decide now where you're going to spend eternity." [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Anne Graham Lotz Says Dad's Death Is Heaven's Wake-Up Call to the Church: 'We've Lost Our Focus'”

  1. " general, the failure of churches are the reason why the United States is in a spiritual "mess."
    I see this comment from a different perspective. Your father labored for decades and has just gone for his reward. You now make us to believe that the church (the body of Christ) he labored diligently to build is a failure? Then what is his legacy if you want me to believe your father's decades of labor results in spiritual mess of the country where he labored? Please think again and tell me something better or...

  2. Tribute to Rev. Billy Graham

    THE END OF THE RIGHTEOUS (specially written in remembrance of Rev. Billy Graham).

    1) We’ve read about the path of the righteous,
    Wherein all those who love their Lord follow,
    It is a path that sometimes has sorrow,
    But in all, Jesus Christ comforts His own.

    The end of the righteous,
    Oh how joyful it is,
    Full of sweetness and bliss,
    In the presence of God,
    United with loves cord.

    2) God delights in the death of the righteous,
    Billy Graham, you’ve labored, now you’re gone.
    Gone to abide in your heavenly home,
    Though you’ve gone, you’ll always be remembered,
    For you fervent labor in God’s vineyard.

    3) Lord help us to live and die righteously.
    Just as you are without one plea you came,
    Christ received you and gave you a new name.
    Just as you were wretchedly tossed about,
    Christ from sin and hell brought you out.

    4) Billy Graham, you taught us righteousness,
    You taught us to come to God the way we’re
    Though finding your replacement might be rare,
    Yet we will tow in line with your teachings
    We’ll never forget you godly preaching

    5) Now in heaven, the home of the righteous,
    We look forward for a sure reunion,
    Where Jesus will be our great companion
    Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord,
    Till we meet at the feet of our great God.

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