At Billy Graham's Funeral, Daughter Anne Graham Lotz Urges Church, World to 'Wake Up'

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(Worthy News) - Under a large white tent evoking her father's "Canvas Cathedral" revival nearly seven decades ago, Anne Graham Lotz urged the Church, the world, and herself to "wake up!" as she joined her siblings and some 2,000 others at the funeral of her iconic evangelist father, Billy Graham, in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Friday.

"I believe, from Heaven's perspective, that my father's death is as significant as his life. And his life was very significant. But I think when he died, that was something very strategic from Heaven's point of view," Lotz said about her father's passing.

The world-renowned evangelist is credited with inspiring more than 3 million people to commit their lives to Christ in a ministry that spanned 185 of the world's 195 countries, according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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7 thoughts on “At Billy Graham's Funeral, Daughter Anne Graham Lotz Urges Church, World to 'Wake Up'”

  1. She's been told, too.

    As long as she and Franklin, as long as Christians insist on referring to the
    whole of Christianity as "the Church" they delude themselves and make Satan very happy. Even Jews for Jesus does this. It is the cornerstone on which the false beliefs about God's kingdom, and His Messiah, rest.

    The Beloved of Christ is more than a one dimensional paperdoll called Christianity and then referred to, even in their Statements of Faith, as "the Church." There is no "church" in God's kingdom. There are people and they are not "the church" because the Catholic Church is "the church" and it's not IN God's Kingdom. The Catholic Church is their Pope's kingdom.

    Just look at the Statements of Faith of your average well respected protestant Church. It's full of this heresy that "the Church" is a term to encompass the whole of Christ's kingdom on this earth. What's wrong with calling it The Kingdom of God?

    That's what Jesus called it.

    "The Church" age ended. We are now either in, or out, of the kingdom of (the One True) God. Churches do not allow for a Jewish guy running them. They are afraid that might happen, which is why so few have any Hebrews in leadership outside of Messianic Judaism/Nazarene. A "Jewish guy" has been in charge of Christianity (and all Nazareans and Messianics) since the day Jesus rose back to sit "at the Right Hand of the Father."

    Wake up!

  2. Jesus said to not believe every spirit, but to test the spirit to see whether or not it is from God. Not everyone claiming to be Christian is truly a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ), that's what the bible says. Not everyone who was a Jew believed God in Jesus time, so they were not believers (Jesus rebuking the religious leaders and calling them Hypocrites (play actors) and telling them God was not their Father, but Satan really was because they did Satans will, not Gods.) Read your bible, all of it! Stop being biblically ignorant because everything else is more important to do than learn from God. God says He is not mocked, you will reap what you sow. The bible says you need all of it in order to be able to prove what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. You need all of it to be able to correct those in error and then be trained in righteousness yourself. You need all of the scripture, so you can test the character (aka fruit, deeds, actions) of people. The bible is filled cover to cover with examples of those walking in unbelief and those walking in belief. The fakers and the genuine believers. EVERYTHING we need to be able to DISCERN what we are dealing with is contained in God's word. READ HIS WORD, God has commanded you to do that and if you claim to be HIS servant than DO what your Master says. If you refuse, then you are not truly His disciple. He has warned you that scripture is necessary or you will be tossed about by every false way. Stop listening to man and open the word of God and listen to HIM, this is the good and faithful servant. He will hold each of us accountable for whether or not we obey these instructions. If you see someone is disobeying God, then don't listen to them. Don't follow them. Don't do as they do or say as they say. Instead, do as God does, follow Jesus and do as HE says. These are the TRUE followers of Jesus Christ. They have made HIM THEIR MASTER. They have humbled themselves before Almighty God. That is what ALL of the scripture teaches. Pick up the bible and read these things yourself and then be WILLING TO DO IT. We were told to go and make disciples. That word means to "follow Jesus", so follow Him. Be like your teacher. Stop following man instead of God. Stop believing everything someone says, but TEST it. Hold it up to Gods Word and if it goes against Gods word, reject it. It's that simple, this is what it means to WAKE UP. Do not add to or delete from Gods word (And that means ALL of Gods word). The bible says there will come a time when people will not listen to sound doctrine anymore. So guard your hearts and test everyone and everything against Gods word, so that you will not be lead astray by the hypocrites (play actors).

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