Abortion providers rake in $1.5 billion in taxpayer funding: Report

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(Worthy News) - Three major abortion providers took home more than $1.5 billion in taxpayer funding over a three-year span, according to a report released this week by the Government Accountability Office.

Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International and the International Planned Parenthood Federation spent $410 million in federal funding between 2013 and 2015, the report found. The groups also received $1.2 billion from federal health programs that share funding with states, such as Medicaid and Medicare.

The study was spearheaded by Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa and Republican Reps. Diane Black of Tennessee, Pete Olson of Texas and Chris Smith of New Jersey. [ Source (Read More...) ]

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11 thoughts on “Abortion providers rake in $1.5 billion in taxpayer funding: Report”

    • What needs to be done is the same thing that has been done before. Amend the US Constitution to outlaw it and overrule the US Supreme Court.

      It's the only way it can be done once the US Supreme Court makes laws out of popular opinion. The truth is, it wasn't Roe v Wade that overturned abortion illegality in the USA. Several US States, Washington State and Alaska, just to name a few, had already legalized abortion, well before it was overturned at the federal level.

      It is exactly the same maneuver as is being used today with legalizing gay marriage. In that case, what the States were fighting for overturned at the federal level early on, mostly because of the then White House's favor (Obama's Adm).

      We see it happening regarding legalizing Marijuana use now also.

      The only way around the US Supreme Court is to amend the US Constitution.

    • None. And now that PP has been exposed and funding is drying up to them, they have found themselves a new "market." Which is providing the "counseling" and hormone treatments for the trans-gender people. That also includes the new generation of adult bodies who chose not to identify with any gender at all, formerly called celibate or asexuals (they call it non-binary now).

  1. Would you agree that in this nation, across all kinds of leadership, there are wicked people setting traps for the righteous? Folks, it's on both sides of the political aisle. God alone knows the thoughts, motives, and intentions of someone's heart. Nothing is hidden from Him. King David was a man after Gods own heart and there is nothing new under the sun. In the book of Psalms David asks God a request that I think we ought to be asking our LORD today. LORD, let the wicked who are setting traps for the righteous, be caught in their own traps and let the innocent go free. Pray this in Jesus name. AMEN. Remember, the Word of God was written for our instructions. I thinks Davids request to God in the past, is very applicable today.

    • I have, since I was early on a new child of God, the Almighty One, considered my "agreeing" with someone else's prayer to be a weighty thing. This is why I object to those who "pray in tongues" as in "leading" a prayer for the group. How might I agree when I know not what they pray?

      However, yours is clear and asks us to add our agreement. This is righteous, it is the right Way (method) to lead a prayer.

      So, to your prayer herein, I say "Amen" Father, hear this prayer. let these wicked ones who support and/or advance Abortion, esp in the USA, fall into the traps they set for we who are For-the-Lives of the unborn.


  2. According to Gods word, it is spiritual battle, and we need the full armor of God to be able to resist the evil one. The word of God is the sword of the Spirit, but if Gods people continue to ignore the council in His ENTIRE Word, then how can we fight effectively. He even has council on how we should and shouldn't pray, which prayers He will and will not hear. I refuse to just listen to a man telling me what God says, who acts like they have some special revelation from God. God has already spoken and had His prophets of old and His only begotten Son (who is God), and His apostles (All whom God himself handpicked) write it down for future generations, for our instruction. There is nothing to add to it and we dare not delete from it. Everything we need to successfully fight the lies of the evil one are contained in the pages of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. We (those who profess to believe in Jesus) need to stop acting like children, being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. It is time to grow up, get serious, seek God, read His word (all of it) and start doing as God instructs and STOP listening to men who go against Gods instructions. They are false prophets and teachers. Our LORD warned us about them. I beg everyone to please, please, please pick up Gods word and read all of it and don't stop! Carefully handle and divide His Word of truth, don't take things out of context. Ask the simple questions Who, What, Where, When, How and Why as we read. These are simple reading comprehension rules we learned as children. Yet, we need to apply them. Be careful of the leaven (hypocrisy-play actors) of religious leaders. TEST their spirit against Gods whole council (in His entire Word) to see if they are obeying it themselves. If not, then DO NOT follow them. Follow God.

  3. The most powerful "weapon" we have in this "spiritual battle" is the shed blood of Jesus Christ, Y'shua Hashiach. As John the Baptizer identified him, The Lamb of God.

    None of us is called to have a Warrior mind. A Warrior loves war. We are to love Peace. Not one of the crowd that Moses led out of Egypt to the Red/Reed Sea fought back. On Pesach (Passover) what "battle" did God's people participate in? When the soldiers came to take away Jesus, what did Jesus say to Peter who cut off a Roman soldiers ear? The Messiah rebuked Peter and put the man's ear back, he healed it back onto his head!

    I'm not saying we, any of us, is to leave off protecting our homes or families but, in Christ, we do not wage war. Not even with Satan.

    It is the Evil One who sets the traps using humans. It is the Evil One who hates our God to such a degree that he hurts God's heart by harming and enslaving us.

    To break the chains that bind us, is as it has always been, by obedience to God's Word. And by God's Word I mean the Messiah. If God told Moses and all Israel in Egypt to cover the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a sacrificial lamb for salvation, that's why they were protected, saved, and then delivered!

    We have, and can access the eternal shed blood of the one and only Sacrificial Lamb, the very Word of God who died and came back to LIfe, for our salvation.

    It breaks the works of anyone, and I do mean Any One, who plans us ill or already enslaves us. But we must then turn from those evil works and walk out in freedom.

    Your "armor" only comes via the blood of the Lamb. Your righteous anything comes to you Only through the blood of the Lamb of God. It is the most important weapon you can know. When we are afraid, it is the blood that sets us free of fear to have the fear of God, alone. Even more than that, the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus, Y'shua, is alive. On the first Passover, it came with the angel of death, remember? And God did the warring, not people. We are not helpless simply because we chose not to be "warriors" anymore. We were given the imagery of being soldiers because of how military works, when an order is given, all the receiver needs do is ask "when" and "how high, Sir" to jump.

    As for leaders, follow Jesus. That's how you be a Christian, you follow the (real) Christ. For Messianics, follow the Messiah, the True one. Or be both, it's the same guy.

    Peace. Shalom

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