Reports: Israel warned U.S. of Syria strike, Kremlin says left in the dark

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(Worthy News) - Israel gave the United States advance warning of its early Monday morning strike on a military base in Syria, according to initial reports, while the Kremlin charged that it failed to inform Russia.

Israel has not made any statement on the strike. The US, France and Great Britain have also said they were not involved in the operation.

The attack came two days after Syrian government forces allegedly gassed at least 60 civilians to death in a chemical attack in Douma. [ Source: Jerusalem Post (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Reports: Israel warned U.S. of Syria strike, Kremlin says left in the dark”

  1. The ultra righteous IDF seems to have an agenda in Syria. With ISIS just about defeated, the IDF needs another enemy to keep the U.S. in the region. And NOT informing Russis, it seems that the IDF has chosen the ally it wants in the fight.

    SO, what has Russia done to Israel that the IDF prefers the CIA controlled Pentagon to Russia .... who by the way was the country that did in three weeks what Obama couldn't do in three years ..... DEFEAT ISIS.
    Did not Russia keep Turkey from invading northern Syria. Maybe the IDF would prefer to have Erdogan's Turkey on its northern border.
    Maybe Israel is just flexing its muscles and using Hezbollah as an excuse to continue to attack the LEGAL government of Syria and its educated ruler Assad who refuses to hand over his people to the Rockefeller and Rothschild country World Money Power System.
    BTW - it was the Rockefellers who financed the building of Yad Vashem, wasn't it ..... and of course, Israel will be eternally grateful.

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