After Trump's talks offer, US reassures Israel of tough policy on Iran

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(Worthy News) - Senior officials in US President Donald Trump’s administration assured Israel that its tough stance against Iran has not changed, after Trump’s offer to engage in talks was strongly rebuffed by Iranian officials.

“Senior American officials told Israel there is no change in its tough policies toward Iran,” the Israeli source said Tuesday.

The source added that Israel is in constant contact with the American administration. [ Source: i24 News (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “After Trump's talks offer, US reassures Israel of tough policy on Iran”

  1. Dear President Donald J. Trump ;
    Hi sir and great day to you , family and staff !
    I want to first say you are exploding our minds out here in working class world America!
    Also sir , a note on Migration and Immigration.
    Migration :
    Leaving war torn or genocidal regions temporarily for safer areas.
    Immigration ;
    Deciding one wants to live in a new region.
    Islamic Jihad Migration ;
    Germany, Paris, London, Sweden, etc etc etc.
    Can we PLEASE tell the rest of the world this and that this will NEVER happen here !?
    If ISIS is defeated why dont they just go back home ? Why are men forming army like, militant , "no go zones" , in places like Dearborn MI !?
    Thank you for your time sir , I know you are very busy draining swamps, busting corrupt DOJ and Deep State loyalists, uncovering phony heads of FBI, and agents, ruining Pedo rings, destroying MS-13 gangs and building one HELL OF A COUNTRY AGAIN!
    Thank you and slow down, 2024 is a ways away!
    We love you and Melania!
    Pastor Rudy Palmer
    Faith Revival Church

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