Under heavy police guard, Jerusalem readies for city’s largest-ever Pride Parade

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(Worthy News) - Tens of thousands of people are expected to march for equal rights for the LGBT community under heavy police protection Thursday afternoon in what is being billed as the largest-ever gay pride parade in Jerusalem.

Three years after a deadly knife attack by an ultra-Orthodox zealot, security at the annual parade remains high, with the two-kilometer route in central Jerusalem slated to be heavily guarded by thousands of police officers.

Organizers say some 30,000 people are expected to take part in the march, which will begin at Plumer square at 5 p.m. and end at Independence Park after winding its way down Keren Hayesod Boulevard, Hillel Street and Moshe Ben Yisrael Street. [ Source: Times of Israel (Read More...) ]

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5 thoughts on “Under heavy police guard, Jerusalem readies for city’s largest-ever Pride Parade”

  1. It is a sin to tempt God.

    Of all people, Israel knows this already.

    They are not the USA, where the official declaration of it is that there is no god (while it has so many it's likely they can not be counted).

    Israel has a God whether she likes it or not. She knows this.

    What does Jerusalem think His just response will/should be?
    To please perverted men/women/trans/non-binarys? How about the incels?
    Maybe the beastials?

    With all the Talmidum there, they can hardly feign ignorance.

  2. I'm Praying That Jerusalem Doesn't Let The Pride Parade Happen! It's Truly Against God! It Makes Me Think Of Sodom & Gomorrah & It Was
    Totally Destroyed! In The US, We Also Have That Sinful LGBT Outfit, & I
    Pray Against It, Too! They're Part Of What's Wrong With America! We Will
    See The Anger Of HASHEM Over This Matter, Too! The Gay Pride Movement Is Just Plain Evil & Its A Big Part Of Is Against Hashem's Law!
    Please, Jerusalem, Reconsider & Don't Have This LGBT Parade! Both Of Our Nations Will Break HASHEM's HEART Over This Matter & We Will
    End Up Like Sodom & Gomorrah! I Love Israel & America! This Must Stop!

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