Church Near Kampala, Uganda Closes after Months of Islamist Attacks

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(Worthy News) - A church outside Kampala, capital of Uganda, has closed after months of area Muslims pelting its gatherings with rocks, sources said.

The final blow came on Aug. 4, when a stone thrown through a window struck Pastor Moreen Sanyu of Greater Love Church in Namasuba Para Zone, Wakiso District, and knocked her unconscious, sources said.

Pastor Sanyu said she was preaching when the stone smashed through the window pane and struck her on the forehead. [ Source: Morningstar News (Read More...) ]

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4 thoughts on “Church Near Kampala, Uganda Closes after Months of Islamist Attacks”

  1. Just one more degredation to the churches of the world: Women Pastors! A wman is NOT to assume the position as Pastor and shepherd of any flock! A woman is NOt to usurp the Authority of the man, she is to be keeper at Home and she is to be an "HELP MEET" she is not to Lead, she is to follow, and to assist! She is to be Keeper at home and to Obey her own husband! 1 Tim 2:9-15/1 Tim 5:2-14/Eph 5:22-25 KJV I DID "NOT" give my opinion, I gave what GOD spoke and had written in HIS perfect word! SO, IF you have a problem, I am not one to deal w/.that! HE is well able to defend Himself!

    • The worse thing is that they keep calling their places of formal, assembled, worship "a church."

      God only puts a woman in charge of other women (and/or children). These too can be called Pastors, but they are godly only when they remain in the place/places His Majesty gives to them. That, and a woman may assist an old man with dementia or developmentally disabled.

      Let's remember the lessons of "the Lord's Day" wherein Jesus taught us that such rules as the Sabbath were created for man(kind), not man for the Sabbath. So too, God's orderly arrangement is not so that women can then neglect to teach other women, esp wise women teaching young wives and young widows how best to behave themselves, fearing God.

      If a woman can not teach and man how to be a man, who thinks men can teach women how to be women? There's some real foolishness. How many moons has (the male) Pastor experienced? PMS? Nursing the new infant?

      Get real. Because following Jesus is hard to do as a woman. The life he led was definitely a male one. However, in our weakness God's power is made manifest. That is as true for the females as it is for male persons too.

  2. You so called Christian men are not even upset about heathens attacking Christians, just if a woman is in leadership! You are more concerned about your male flesh! Jesus said He is no respector of persons! That He can make a rock cry out for Him! At least someone is or was trying to spread the Gospel! Out of the mouth of babes is perfected wisdom! I suppose you'd be upset about that too?! Wasn't a man! The name and gospel of Jesus Christ is to be preached and if God has to use, yes, a woman, He will! You better ask yourself why your flesh is so concerned about women?! Satan has control of you! You will return to the dust God made of you, just like women!

  3. Praying for that local church and those believers. My daughter did missions work in Kampala a few years ago and I'm so glad that she was not persecuted while she was there.

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