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Anti-Israel Protests Turn Violent

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 | Tag Cloud

By David Haggith, Worthy News International Correspondent

JERUSALEM/WASHINGTON (Worthy News) -- With the death toll of Israel's  offensive in the Gaza Strip reportedly rising to over 900 and Hamas militants firing rockets deep into Israel, anti and pro-Israel protests have spread throughout the world, with some of them turning violent.

In London, about 20,000 supporters of the militant group Hamas protested Israel's military actions, with some of them wearing masks chanting: "Hey, ho, Israel has gotta go" and "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free." The slogans were believed to refer to the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and apparently suggested that Israel must be wiped off the map.

The demonstration turned violent when protests marched from London's Hyde Park to the Israeli Embassy, waving Palestinian flags. They knocked over crowd-control barriers, set off firecrackers, broke windows and threw broken glass at police along with pilfered cups and saucers from a ransacked Starbucks store, witnesses said.

At least 15 people were injured including three officers. One policeman was taken away unconscious, police officials said, adding that 15 demonstrators were detained. There were also violent protests in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, where riots included throwing shoes and red paint through the gates of the American Consulate, witnesses said. In Olso, Norway, 2,000 demonstrators threw stones at police, news reports said.


One of the largest protests in the world against Israel happened over the weekend in Egypt where an estimated 50,000 Muslim demonstrators gathered to condemn Israel's military strike after Friday prayers.

Some Egyptian legislators, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood group, were seen carrying signs "Down with Israel and with every collaborator."

There were also pro-Israeli rallies however, including in Berlin, London,  Antwerp and the Ukrainian town of Odessa, Ukraine, while crowds also gathered as far away as Mexico City and in the United States cities of Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, and New York.

There were emotional scenes in Berlin, the capital of a re-united Germany which often still struggles with its Nazi-past.  Protesters said that nowhere in the world is it more important to show solidarity with Israel than here in Germany.

"The same spirit that once was here, very strong from Berlin, to destroy the Jewish people is now a spirit that comes from fundamentalist Islam to destroy Israel. It's our responsibility to see that something like that never happens again," one protester said.


In Chicago, over 3,000 gathered to show support for Israel, where Steven Nasatir, president of the Jewish United Fund, told the crowd, "Three years ago Israel unilaterally left Gaza, providing the Palestinians the opportunity to build, flourish and grow. Instead, [militant group] Hamas took over and pursued destruction and death, turning Gaza into a 24/7 missile launching pad against Israeli civilians...."

He said it is "incomprehensible that—60 years after the birth of the modern State of Israel—we are still defending Israel's right to exist in the court of world opinion and on the streets of Chicago."

Nasatir the conflict is about the creation of a Palestinian state next to Israel. "It's about an attempt to destroy the State of Israel," he argued.

Not all Jews agree. In London, Jewish protesters proclaimed said they were opposed to Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip. "We're Jews. We are totally opposed to the Israeli assault on Gaza. We're utterly appalled by the mass murder that's being committed," they said. "There are many Jews in Britain who are deeply opposed to what the Israeli government is doing."

The Israeli government and military have accused Hamas of using civilians as human shields to increase the death toll and using television images to gain sympathy. They say the military operation is aimed at ending Hamas' rocket strikes against Israel, however several Western diplomats have said Israel's military response is "disproportionate."

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Anti-Israel Protests Turn Violent

10 thoughts on “Anti-Israel Protests Turn Violent

  1. For some reason a lot of people think what Israel is doing is off base.
    What's the difference than what the US did in reaction to the events on 9/11 ?

    Should the US have waited it out, let more things like that occur before doing anything about it?

    I believe, if you kill a hamas man who has a son, their wife is going to tell the son he died a hero for the cause. Which tends to make a boy want to be like his father. If you don't kill them all, the cycle starts all over.

    People are so "politically correct" these days, what happened to going in and actually winning a war?

    There are 'good' guys, and 'bad' guys. Good guys kill bad guys.

    My two cents.

  2. "Three years ago Israel unilaterally left Gaza, providing the Palestinians the opportunity to build, flourish and grow"

    That is just a lie; an untruth. Propaganda, if you will.

    Israel never allowed Gaza freedom: they control the air, sea and land routes imposing a crippling blockade that human rights organizations refer to Gaza as "the world's largest open-air prison".

    Shame on you for taking the side against the oppressed.

  3. It is simple. Hamas is killing the Palestinian People. They are the ones responsible for all the death and carnage from this war. You cannot negotiate with anyone who deem that the only honorable thing to do is to annihilate an entire group of people. If anyone desires to divide the Land of Israel, you are considered to be an enemy of the G-d of Abraham and it is obvious that you are an Anti-Semite. To the IDF, may Hashem protect, lead, guide, and give you wisdom to free the Palestinians from the barbarians and cowards called Hamas.

  4. I'm not sure why people don't get the fact that all the Hamas wants to do is destroy the Jewish culture. I truly believe the United States of Amereica needs to stand with Israel. We will reap our just reward if we do not. This fight is all about good vs evil (Israel vs Hamas). We need to establish an American Embassy in Jerusalem to help resolve this ongoing battle. I'm sure there are good Palestinian people that are being harmed by the Hamas destruction and we need to pray for their safety, too.

  5. It is the Israeli people who are the oppressed ones. They have rockets being fired upon them in their own land by murderers who hide behind civilians for cover. I challenge all Palestinians to stop attacking Israel and see what happens. But, sadly, Islam doesn't want peace - they want to "wipe Israel off the map" because the Jews are the Lord's chosen people, and Satan cannot stand that.

  6. To Lee Kaplan:
    If the Palestinians had not destroyed the greenhouses in Gaza when they arrived, they would have been able to produce produce for themselves. Likewise, if the Gazan government had spent more money aiding its civilians than building up its military, the people would not be suffering as much. Rather, rockets began firing from Gaza into Israel almost immediately upon take-over. How is Israel supposed to defend itself from the rockets and threats of suicide attacks?

  7. If the Palestinian govt would spend the billions they spend on rockets on helping their people, they wouldn't be in a 'prison!' They have made their own prison. They can't use boats?? They come across the border and work in Israel. The cost of a plane would be the equivalent of how many of those missiles they are raining on Israel. Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries. They are more imprisoned than the Palestinians, they manage to flourish and work and even feed other countries. I could go on and on and on, but those people who have already made up their minds will cling to their false beliefs. As for me, I stant with the true God, Yahweh, and Israel.

  8. What Israel is doing is fighting for the right to live. Hamas is fighting for the right to be a fanatical, islamic war mongering people that hasn't changed for centuries. They hate Jews, Christians, the West because it permits other religions to co-exist in harmony together. The Muslim nations of the world make it extremely difficult, oppressive with heavy retributions against Christians, Jews and other minorities if they dare voice their freedom to worship together in large numbers. All this and yet they want equal rights in the West. Egypt, "the mind of Islam" is attempting to, if it hasn't already, to legislate that medical transplants (ie. hearts, kidneys, etc.) cannot be done if the donor is a christian, and the recipient is a muslim, visa-versa. As young as 8yr old girls are being married off to men 40+ yrs old, in Arabia, "the heart of Islam." Christian girls in Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq and others are being kidnapped and married off to muslim men (pedophiles), the authorities don't care, its a custom to do what Muhummid the epileptic mad prophet did. In most situations it is not right to do justice because the victims are not muslims. Honour killing within the family structure is a regular chapter in muslim culture when one leaves their faith; Christians are 2nd rate citizens in most muslim countries, especially the middle east; Most islamic countries will not allow members of the the government into office if they are Christians or of minority religions. Show me a fanatical muslim who will kill for his faith, even his family member, then show me a fanatical christian who will love his enemy or die trying to, literally.
    The discrimination and harassment, with fines and prison terms meted out happens now, on a day to day basis - in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. And then we have humanist groups of the world crying out - an injustice! a travesty has been committed. Why don't they gather together when other minorities are treated this way continually in these countries. Innocent lives in Gaza and Israel are being taken. Wake up to the big picture..Islam is a threat when numbers multiply, in any country. It produces rapists, suicidal freaks, killers, torturers and alike such as these desensitised terrorists who perform such barbaric acts. I believe that Christ will return and BEWARE! judgement is set and sorrow and torment will be a constant reminder to those who are filled with hate and not forgiveness, God's active love, Jesus Christ will only better man if he chooses to have a personal relationship with our Creator. Try it slowly...and persevere. Microwave relationships don't last long.

  9. The rebirth of the state of Israel had been prophesied in the Bible. God YHWH is the one that re-established & recognises Israel as a nation for His covenant people. No matter what Hamas and other terrorist groups do, they can't possibly destroy Israel and the Jewish people. Long live Yisrael!

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Anti-Israel Protests Turn Violent