Midterm turnout surges to 50-year high, early estimates show

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(Worthy News) - Voter turnout soared in the 2018 midterm elections, according to an early projection in a new study, potentially reaching the highest level in over 50 years.

An estimated 48.1 percent of eligible voters cast ballots, over 113 million people in total, according to research by University of Florida Professor Michael McDonald, who runs the U.S. Election Project. If that holds it would be the highest rate since 1966, when 48.7 percent of voters participated.

The numbers are still subject to change as states continue to report final vote counts, especially places like California, where voters can mail in their choices all the way up to Election Day and large numbers of ballots have yet to be counted. [ Source: NBC News (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Midterm turnout surges to 50-year high, early estimates show”

  1. Dear Worthy Friends,
    Day after day, your excellent “devotionals” are relatve and uplifting and deeply Scriptural. I look forward to it everyday and always find them “just what I needed today! Thanks you for this daily blessing!
    Also, in the links to relevant articles, I opened a link that CLEARLY TRACKS THE WORLDWIDE DEVOLUTION OF HUMAN THOUGHT BY “Brainwashing”. Since we see the fruits of this “from the pit of hell” teaching/mindset more clearly than ever
    in our youngpeople and throughout Western civilization, may I suggest you post this piece RIGHT UP FRONT? I have seen this “teaching” since I was a college student in the early 1960’s and now, completely coming home to roost in my 5 20-something grandchildren. My heart cries out daily for them and the entire culture.
    I think it might be the essential reason that most new Christian converts are in Africa and Asia now. With less state run education, especially in Africa, the people can/do seek real Truth and can recognize it in God’s Son, our Savior, Jesus. The persecution that often follows salvation then is refining both the individal and the Church, to live out the Gospel and thus bring many to the Savior! Sadly, the Church in the West is trying more and more, to be “seeker friendly” and failing to grow and minister to our lst world. Maranatha!

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