Snap elections may put Trump’s peace plan on back-burner until summer

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(Worthy News) - Israel’s early election will significantly delay the publication of the US administration’s much-awaited proposal for Israeli-Palestinian peace, experts said Monday, as the White House keeps the plan on the back-burner for fear of influencing the vote.

White House officials working on the plan are said to be wary of turning the elections into a referendum on the peace plan. And the concessions it will require from Israel would offer parties close to the settlement movement a perfect platform from which to attack Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and others who might be seen as in favor of it, something the administration is apparently keen to avoid.

The snap elections, scheduled for April 9, will likely also affect Netanyahu’s travel plans, as he balances his pursuit of diplomatic breakthroughs with the need to orchestrate his Likud’s party’s campaign. [ Source: Times of Israel (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Snap elections may put Trump’s peace plan on back-burner until summer”

  1. Wait a minute. This article states "...the publication of the US administration’s much-awaited proposal for Israeli-Palestinian peace,..."

    What's wrong with that sentence? Does Israel not have any people with extra-smart brains? Does Israel need to, instead, tap into the "geniuses" of the USA, for solutions to this mess? How is the USA progressing on its own Wall issues? On it's own diplomacy with major powers? For that is what this is to Israel, a major power, its neighbors. Neighbors are always a major power whether we like it or not, when they turn on us. How is it the USA, in President after President after President, keeps coming up with solutions that then are presented to the Palestinians and Israel as if its even their business.

    Does the USA do this to the UK? To Germany? Russia? Sure, heads of governments make calls and say "have you thought about what your country's actions will do to...? But a Peace Plan? Over and over again, the USA plays Daddy. Israel has an Abba already.

    Ask Him. Somebody in Israel can hear from The All Powerful One. He has never left them without those who can and do hear from the Holy One of Israel. It is seriously doubtful that is the United State of America, even when their President really is a Christian. Its having enough trouble listening to Billy Graham and now Franklin Graham. Because the Official stand of the USA is that it has no god. And that's true, it has only a whole slew of false gods (Spiderman, Superman, the Hulk, all the Wicca gods and goddesses, the Roman Catholic human "word of god" on this earth (aka whomever is its current Pope), etc.

    The State of Israel is not a new nation. It is an ancient nation. All Israel has (needs) to do is do as King Josiah did. In fact, it would be right and proper for Israel to notify the USA (and the UK, Canada, Australia, any nation that calls itself Christian) of that same good advice.

    However, only the State of Israel could get it done. Then, they should change its name back to ? "State" implies its just a portion of some other country.

  2. Oh yeah, I did forget.

    The most "high" god that the USA has going now is Santa Claus. Today is even his day, the day set aside to worship, adore, and honor him. Even during a US government shut-down, all federal employees get today, Christmas Day, off paid. It's a federal holiday. Schools are closed. Even though we (adults) all know he isn't real. That, and all those false Christians, who wear the Name, but don't do the time or the mitzvot, get together to worship and adore a baby "Jesus." Oft times that baby is so far removed from the real Y'shua, who did come as a baby, he is even displayed in creches as blond and blue eyed. Their effrontery seems endless.

    Remember, the baby Jesus had not yet died for anyone, though hashem did use him, even then, to save both Miriam (Mary) and Yosef (Joseph) as well as baby Y'shua (God's Word come in the flesh). But "Jesus" had not yet shed His blood for us. The miracle was just beginning (for those of us outside of Miriam, and Yosef and their families).

    Even the Catholics tell the story (in the Stages of the Cross) rightly, while promoting "Saint Nicholas" now turned into Santa Claus, instead. To their shame, Samaritan's Purse gathers, and then at great expense, little gifts, and send them all round the world. Just as it is foretold, in Rev. 11:10,"And those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them and celebrate; and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the earth." Who are these "those who dwell on the earth" that (it seems a majority, at least) send gifts to each other? Why would the inhabitants of our Earth give gifts to each other to celebrate the deaths of the Two Witnesses? I'll tell you. It's no longer a sealed thing.

    It happens just before Hanukkah and Christmas. Much like this year, 2018, where both happen in the month of December. When the two witnesses are killed to shut them both up, the rest of "the Church" (meaning worldwide) will have an esp happy Winter Holiday season. And it may very likely be Samaritan's Purse has not (by then) learned this important lesson.

    While US Presidents and the various Reverends Graham decry an attack on Christmas, instead of keeping their eyes on Jesus the whole way through this difficult season to do so, and no longer letting some billions of dollars be siphoned off the track, real Christians, real Messianic Jews (esp), real Nazarenes (Netzarim) and others who never use the term Christian for themselves (because it means pagan come to Christ, not Jew come to Messiah) walk with He Who Sits on the Throne.

    They do/did the same with poor Miriam, the mother of our Lord. They replaced the old and ancient pagan (various) Queens of Heaven various names with poor Mary's (Miriams) and just kept on going on with adding more and more false gods to the pantheon, with the purpose of drowning out the Gospel of Jesus Christ (the real one). Now, to them (and the whole of the Anglican Church also) the whole of heaven is so littered with martyr after martyr after martyr we barely can focus on God's only begotten Son. Turning their Jesus into simply The Martyr of all martyrs, instead of the very Word of God Incarnate, the one and only human "Lamb of God" come in the flesh. The one and only perfect human who could, and did, turn around the sin of Adam. Only the spotless, the sinless, Lamb could do that. That's not simply the man who suffered the most. Our God takes no delight in the sufferings of those belonging to Him. He is Not a Sadist. That's "the other guy."

    Shame on them. How dare any nation put themselves forth to lead Israel. Israel has it's own God. He is their real Abba. He is not Santa (Saint) anything, by any name. More so, neither he nor His (and Israel's) Father, is "Father Christmas."

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