Pastors feel greatest pressure to address, avoid divisive issues from inside the church: Barna

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(Worthy News) - American pastors often feel the greatest pressure to either speak out on or avoid talking about divisive issues inside the church, according to a new report by the Barna Group.

In recent years, there has been considerable debate over the extent to which clergy can speak about political and social issues, especially on things like the federal Johnson Amendment, which prohibits churches from endorsing political candidates.

However, Barna released research on Tuesday which found that 50 percent of surveyed pastors felt either “frequently” or “occasionally” limited in their ability to speak out on certain issues, with respondents being more likely to identify those within the church as the reason. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Pastors feel greatest pressure to address, avoid divisive issues from inside the church: Barna”

  1. Oh please. Barna doesn't even know what questions to ask.

    Christians need to stop, take a moment, and pray for God's guidance. Then, follow Y'shua (Jesus) where he leads. We don't need Jesus to lead us to what Pastor to follow. We need to follow Y'shua and then be "in fellowship" with those who are also following Y'shua (Jesus, the Christ). If some turn out to be pastors or teachers, great. If not, you will still have Jesus. No one gets into Heaven and Eternity with God by going in through a door named Pastor. "The Way" is through God's only begotten Son.

    We (Believer's) are "called." The "called out" ones (aka ekklesia) are not "the church" or even a "church" but the words given in the NT say "called out" ones, or the assembly, or fellowship, even synagogue! Because synagogue is a Greek word and back then it just meant "meeting place."

    To a great extent even having "clergy" is not a NT concept. There were spiritual offices, sure, that's not one and the same thing as what Barna means when they use the word "pastor." There is no longer any need for "Priests" because as it says in Hebrews, that we now have an eternal intercessor with God, in heaven, before the very Throne. That High Priest is also King of the Jews, Son of David, "son of man," and he who is Worthy, the very Lamb of God (as John the Baptizer proclaimed/identified him). In the English New Testaments his name is Jesus.

    Barna is serving "the Church" and "churches" and trying to assist (their concept of) "Pastors" to lead the flocks of God, in Christ. Okay, but when was the last time your US or UK or Canadian/Aussie Pastor was arrested for holding fast to Jesus, the Christ? I mean, for the sake of Jesus Christ. For the Gospel. Because that day is coming to the USA fast. It's already begun in the UK and in Canada. Franklin Graham was uninvited at a scheduled place in the UK. His Facebook account was shut down, but then apologized and restored it because of Facebook was humiliated that it persecuted him (verses every other biblical Christian with a US Facebook account).

    That doesn't happen anymore to righteous Pastors in the USA? Wrong. When was the last time your deacon, any of them, got hauled into court before ungodly? When was the last time a leader in your Church had their children taken from them because s/he refused to convert to Psychology as "the way, the only allowable truth, and slavery to it? When was your "church" elder convicted wrongly and sentenced to years in jail? The USA has the highest percentage, per capita, incarcerated, of any "first world" country. And that's not just this year, it's been that way for a very long time now. That's excluding those under "house arrest" or condemned to life-long, lifetime, "maintenance" medication. That is not including all the mature Christians now condemned to life in "Assisted Living" centers, again, on daily medications which barely leave them room to consistantly chose Christ.

    Pastors don't get arrested here? Well, not many, unless we mean one that crossed some picketing line at a Pro-Life rally? Oh, Not. That's peanuts.

    If your Pastors idea of being persecuted for righteousness sake and Satan attacking him/her/them is having to deal with divorcees and spouses claiming to be abused, too many women calling for help, having to try to get this weeks sermon done while people hound for individual help, go find a real one. The time is short. Look preferably outside of a Church, but "in Christ." Or, just follow Messiah.

    Barna hasn't a clue.

    They serve Lutherans and Anglicans, at best.

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