Kushner: Mideast peace plan expected after Israeli election

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Jared Kushner

(Worthy News) - President Donald Trump’s senior Middle East adviser, son-in-law Jared Kushner, said Thursday that the Trump administration would unveil its much-awaited Mideast “Deal of the Century” after Israeli elections on April 9.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Kushner briefed participants at a security conference in Poland about the anticipated plan but would not go into details for fear of it leaking. Netanyahu told reporters that he looked forward to “seeing the plan once it is presented.”

Netanyahu said he heard nothing new from Kushner besides a reference to a 2002 Saudi Peace Initiative, which offered full Arab recognition of Israel in return for a withdrawal from territories it captured in the 1967 Mideast war. Netanyahu said Kushner said the plan may have made sense at the time but was no longer relevant. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Kushner: Mideast peace plan expected after Israeli election”

  1. It still makes no sense, at all, that the US keeps trying to settle Israel's peace problems. Okay, so the USA often had Jews working in high places politically. And those Jews have opinions. They probably should. Let them tell Israel's leaders on their own time or from within the US State Dept. because that's its job, to have relations with our allies and enemies for the USA.

    Who died and made the USA (Israel's) God? This has been going on since it was a US President (not Alexander, the Great, this time) who stood up for and was instrumental in resetting the nation of Israel back into their own (and old/former) homeland. It needed to be done. That doesn't make the USA or anyone in it, Israel's God, instead. The same goes for the UN (United Nations).

    Last we checked, The Creator of the Universe, YHWH is He, is alive and doing fine, minding His business as well as Israel's business. Contrary to Nietzsche, God is (not) Dead.

    While it is fine for the USA (and other nations) to have opinions, even opinions regarding the State of Israel, this business of the USA taking credit for and inventing "Peace Plans" for the Middle East (and Israel) is acting like it owns the issues, and that is just plain insane. How does anyone expect the USA to solve it's very important issues of today, by minding Israel's business?

    Jared, however, is a Jew. He's one recognized by most of Israel as a Jewish man (and husband and father etc). Maybe he has a great insight (like other Jews in high places internationally) to share with Netanyahu, maybe not. Okay, let him share it if Netanyahu (and other leaders there) will hear it. That's fine.

    There are likely as many "peace plans" as there are Rabbis and Rebbetzins. Some, will most likely be good ones. Many not. And sure, it makes sense that it might be the ones who are not too close to the problems (like outside of daily bombings and bodily threat to their families) who might "see" solutions best.

    The USA has enough of its own problems. Our wall isn't even built yet except for a panel or two, here or there. Picture someones backyard with just one panel of the fencing up, one piece here on this side, and another there, not even all the way around yet.

    It's pretty hard for the USA to mind it's own business (which it needs every day now) when some of its best minds are out there minding other nations business for them, like Israel doesn't have any smart guys among them? No women geniuses there either? They had Golda, what she was small potatoes? That's kinda stupid to act like Israel is unable, whether you like them, or not.

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