Muslim who sought to kill Christian cousin embraces faith after Jesus appears in dream

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(Worthy News) - An Egyptian Muslim who planned to kill his cousin for converting to Christianity has shared how he embraced the religion he once hated after Jesus delivered a powerful message to him in a dream.

Mostafa, a new convert in Egypt, recently shared with persecution watchdog Open Doors how he traveled to Cairo with the intention of killing his cousin, Mohammad, who had converted from Islam to Christianity.

In Egypt, converting from Islam to Christianity is seen as a betrayal of one’s family and heritage. Christian converts risk losing their family, friends, and even their lives.

After finding his cousin sitting in a Christian worship service, Mostafa slipped behind him and waited to make his move. But as he listened to the songs and prayers, he noticed that the words he was hearing appealed to him. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Muslim who sought to kill Christian cousin embraces faith after Jesus appears in dream”

  1. Great is our God and I belive more are still coming to faith by His grace. May God uphold Muhamed and Mustafa in the household of faith by His grace what He did for them is sign to let the whole world know and believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and savior indeed

  2. The implication in this article is that this is not the Way our God works in "the West" too. Or that it's not necessary there.

    That's the lie of the Devil. The Author has been watching too much "Christian TV."

    Try being Jewish and accepting Y'shua (Jesus). Most who do, lose their family, their friends, and whole culture. Unless, another family member or a friend also is Messianic with them. The truly blessed are those who find a Messianic community to worship with, however, those are few and far between.

    To travel to such a group (yes, in the west, like the USA) one has to make it past doctors who, though mandated by their government to treat all alike, rarely do so. Ever hear of the verb "suicided?" It means where someone euthanizes you or attempts to.

    Whole teams consisting of State Psychologists (often Muslim and/or Sufi) and Psychiatrists who can't get away with it enough in private practice so they hire on also with State Mental Hospitals to enjoy their passion for sadism, as well as political leaders in various localities, have fun treating "Christian-Jews" like objects to toss between them. They send them first one place to be treated badly, then to the other "team" member for the same and on and on and on.

    In English that called Collusion and/or Conspiracy to harm. The harm itself is, at it's best, called Malpractice. Legally, it's murder when done to the patients death. But State Medical Licensing Boards can only do something about it if the members of said Board are not in on it too.

    Religious Persecution? It's alive and well in the USA and the UK and Canada...

    Just ask Franklin Graham how many times an English speaking country has invited him and then uninvited him. Ask him how those Evangelistic Crusades are happening now in the UK, or Canada.

    In the midst of all this persecution for loving, worshiping, and following Y'shua our Messiah, he often appears to those of us living it. More so to them who would live it, just like God does "in the east."

    He is the same God, after all. The same God and Father of the son of Ben Yosef to whom He also appeared so that Yosef would still take Miriam (Mary) as his wife though she was already pregnant.

  3. Ishmael, the other son that Abraham had and exiled along with his friend actually wrote the Koran. He worshipped the God who had helped him and his mother in the wilderness. So, as scriptures verify that God was the same God that guided the Jewish Nation, our God. However, just like Jews and Christians have their zealots so do the Muslims. Right now just like He will reveal Himself to the Jews, God is working among the Muslims. I do wish He would work in this country also.

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