Hamas chief warns Netanyahu against Gaza ‘adventure’ as violence ratchets up

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Gaza Strip

(Worthy News) - The Palestinian terror group Hamas warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday against any military “adventure” in the Gaza Strip ahead of Israeli elections next month, as tensions spiraled along the restive frontier with Israel.

Netanyahu is currently battling for re-election for a fifth term, facing a tough challenge from a centrist political alliance as well as a planned indictment on corruption charges.

Asked about a potential Israeli military operation, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told journalists: “If the (Israeli) occupation or Netanyahu think of an adventure, I think they will pay the price that will send them away.” [ Source: Times of Israel (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Hamas chief warns Netanyahu against Gaza ‘adventure’ as violence ratchets up”

  1. Would someone please tell us what it is that's in the mind of these Palestinians which causes them to get outraged over nothing yet. To warn Israel to not stop them from sending over blazing balloons, or to stop meeting on hills across from the Temple mount, or to stop destroying tunnels which have crossed into the undisputed territories of Israel.

    I know, it all disputed lands, but what is the insanity, the mass insanity, aka doctrines which are making them throw all their children, young men, and not only a few women? They stand and send missiles from some other country and then are enraged that Israel defends itself. With no plans to stop it.

    If there ever was insanity, they got it, them and their parents and they force feed it to their children from infancy.

    They seem to live to hate.

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