Washington State to Churches: 'Pay for Abortions or Break the Law'

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(Worthy News) - The attorneys for a church in Seattle filed a federal lawsuit on Friday against Washington state officials for forcing churches to pay for elective abortions in their health insurance.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) lawyers representing Cedar Park Assembly of God, challenged the constitutionality and legality of a new state mandate that requires the Seattle-area church to fund abortion if it provides its staff members access to group health insurance.

"No church should be coerced to pay for abortions, least of all a church that dedicates its ministry to protecting and celebrating life," ADF Legal Counsel Elissa Graves said in a press release. "Cedar Park believes and teaches that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection at every point until natural death." [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Washington State to Churches: 'Pay for Abortions or Break the Law'”

  1. Is the Assemblies of God denomination providing the (group) with health insurance coverages? This does not tell us enough. Isn't it now legal for groups to no longer provide health ins per ObamaCare rules?

    Even though it's a fellowship in the body of Jesus Christ that knows better (an AOG) than to use the term "church" for itself, they are right(eous) to take this stand. What is not known is if that "church" is legally bound to buy and provide "group" health insurance for those who work for them.

    Then, comes the question, do all health ins providers in WA State have to provide abortion services?

    There are programs that meet the ObamaCare rules, called "Christian Health Care Sharing." An example is Samaritan's Ministries (which has nothing to do with Samaritan's Purse. And Medi-Share, another one.

    If that fellowship of Christians have to, by law, provide by way only of insurance providers that cover abortion services, they are right to take this stand (against being forced to pay for abortions for their employees). If they are not required by law to pay for such health ins, then they must stop doing so, if they take this stand and they are right to take this stand until it is resolved.
    Washington State may be wrong, but only if no other options is available to this "church." Some Christians are so wound up with Dominionism and believe how they are "spiritual warriors" that we can not side with them, though they be Christians. Some forget that we are to be "shod with the gospel of peace." And that no where in the Bible are we, who follow Jesus Christ (Y'shua HaMashiach), to be "warriors" for our God. We are called to be like soldiers, yet. Soldiers, in that we simply obey God's orders and ask the proverbial "how high" or "when" when God gives us an instruction.

    Very likely, alternative methods for health care coverage could be worked out, like giving their employees raises to cover the cost of buying the health insurance or health care coverage otherwise.

    Most importantly, it could be very possible that what they are paying for with the group health insurance is a lot of procedures (it's group health ins) which none of their employees might ever be advised to use and/or use, at all. Simply because the ins benefits include paying for abortions does not, in fact, mean that any of that Assembly of God employee and/or its covered family members would actually go get an abortion. With Planned Parenthood so close and accessible in the Seattle area, one really doesn't even need health insurance to go get an abortion. PP loves to use one of their many other funding pools to get it done. And what could be better for them than to abortion the infant of a Christian, esp the supposedly "spirit filled" ones such as the AOG member's tout themselves. PP is that sick.

    I do see their point though, as a group policy, the premiums go into a pot that could possibly allow others not even with their group, from outside that AOG, to obtain abortions. It would pay the abortioners wages and go towards the upkeep of abortion clinics. Not every member in an AOG employees family, covered by said policy is also a mature Christian (or Messianic, as the AOG is one of the first "churches" to include Hebrews and the Hebraic).

    It is better not to even do business with health insurance company that does that.

    An alternate method is to simply let those who could sign up for Apple Health (Medicaid in WA State) to do so. The coverage is great (if one then chooses United Healthcare/Community Plan of WA) and it's "paid for" already by federal tax dollars required by law (so Christians can't get out of paying for that anyway) as well as money that the great State of Washington contributes also.

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