China Tells Christianity To Be More Chinese

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(Worthy News) - The headlines out of China last week sounded ominous. In strident language not heard in a long time, the head of China’s Protestant church gave a speech supporting the government’s policy of reducing Western influence on religion and making it “more Chinese,” a process dubbed sinicization in English.

Is the move a step toward tighter government control, an opportunity to further indigenize and contextualize the faith, or perhaps both? As with most things in China, the answer is complicated.

This sinicization campaign has been going on for a few years. While outsiders have observed it with growing alarm, many believers in China understand that though the government may have a political agenda, it might also provide opportunities for outreach. [ Source: Christianity Today (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “China Tells Christianity To Be More Chinese”

  1. "the head of China’s Protestant church" sounds ominously like when the Head of the Lutheran (the State Reglion) of Germany said much the same.

    Every day we are given more and more examples of why Christians, that is Christ-ians, and Messianics, that is Messiah-ans, etc need that all important Relationship with their Christ/Messiah. Because it is by trusting in the Father and/or the Son (Christ/Messiah) that salvation comes.

    Not only Salvation eternally but in the here and now.

    How sad that "the churches" have and are proving themselves to be that which Christians and Messianics and (Messianic) Nazarenes, all need to avoid.

    Because of Corruption.

    Corruption can be a product of secular governments but it can lie too in religious governments.

    What Jesus brought us was not a Church, or even The Church. He brought the Good News that we are saved both in the here and now, and eternally. Sadly, sometimes, i.e. NKorea, now in China once again, in Vietnam, and even in the USA though few report it there, we have to die to avoid what horrors await otherwise.

    And Y'shua is right there. Our God and Lord, He is right there, with open arms.

    Never fear. Cowards do not enter into heaven. The Book of Revelations (of John) tell us that. Give your fear to God, knowing it is sin to fear anyone but the All Powerful One. Trust Y'shua. Or trust in the Holy One of Israel.

    One leads to the other. Because they are One. If you can not trust Jesus, trust the Holy One and He will show you. He will show you how and why you can trust Y'shua (Jesus).

    If you can not trust the God of Israel. The God of Moses, the God of Abraham, then trust Jesus. And he will show you that the Father, the God of Moses, Israel, Issac, and King David is not as how He has been painted by the liars of this world. Jesus will show you the Father as He really is, the One and True, Merciful One.

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