Nigerian Christians Saved From Captors by Jesus, Angels, and Snakes

by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - 72 Nigerian Christians, who had converted from Muslim backgrounds, were recently saved in a series of miraculous circumstances involving angels, snakes, and one apparition by Jesus after being kidnapped by Boko Haram.

Initially, the group consisted of 76 men, women, and children. The four men who led the group became the group’s first and only martyrs when militants demanded they renounce their faith and convert to Islam on pain of death.

According to a report by Barnabas fund, while waiting with fear and trembling to meet the same fate as their husbands, several mothers in the group were told by their children that Jesus had appeared to them in the night and had reassured them that "all will be well.”

The promised deliverance arrived the next day when gunmen lined several of the captives up against the wall and submitted the same terms to them.

Mysteriously, before a single shot went off, the captors began screaming about snakes and dropped their weapons. Some fled the scene, while others died instantaneously as if overcome by an unseen force.

“You don’t need to do that,” one of the children told an adult from the group who attempted to pick up a weapon abandoned by a fleeing Boko Haram militant, according to a witness.

“Can you not see the men in white fighting for us?”

All 72 Nigerian believers were rescued without a single human hand being raised in their defense, in a country where 300 Christians have been killed by Islamic militant groups in February and March of this year alone.

“We can’t allow that to happen,” were President Trump’s words last year to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari with reference to the spate of Christians killed in his country by Islamic extremists.

While International Christian Concern’s 2018 special report ranked Nigeria as having the highest death toll for Christians in the world, with estimates ranging from 50,000 to 70,000 people martyred for their faith in the last two decades alone, Open Doors USA speculated that 3,731 of last year’s 4,136 Christian martyrdoms occurred solely within Nigeria.

Nigerian Christians face a dual-pronged threat from Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen militias, the one intent on creating an Islamic State in West Africa through forced Christian conversions, the other seeking to appropriate the lands of Christian farmers under the justification of Islamic law.

The highest rating for violence in Open Doors USA’s score system for Christian persecution belongs to a country where bloodshed from Islamic extremism has led some to term Nigeria’s situation “genocide.”

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47 thoughts on “Nigerian Christians Saved From Captors by Jesus, Angels, and Snakes”

  1. It's happening everyday in my country Nigeria. The big pastors are not showing enough concern, and the media is not covering much of what is happening, they rather color it as 'herders vs farmers' fight. Please keep up the good work of publicizing this to the world while you pray for us.

      • Kay,
        My daughter’s middle name is Kay; it’s a very special name. I am so sorry that you all feel forsaken by the world. Until I saw this article posted on fb, I didn’t even know martyrdom took place in Nigeria. But now that I know, I promise to pray for you by name, and to pray for your family and friends. I will pray in agreement with you for your protection, deliverance, and courage. I will pray in agreement for provion, healing, and joy to overcome you and your loved ones.
        And for those that you know and love that have already been martyred and are standing at the throne of God, asking how much longer until their blood is avenged, I pray that their reward is above all those that haven’t given their lives, myself included. I pray that they must only wait for a moment more, that Jesus has already given them their fine white garments, and that He is standing in the doorway lifting His leg to come and destroy their enemies.
        With love,
        An American Christian that should have known of you long ago.

      • Dearest Kay, the world may forsake us but God will never forsake us. Our help comes from God, even when the arm of flesh fails as the word says, His mighty right arm saves.
        As in this article, God sent Angel's. You are not alone.

      • The Little General
        The Little girl woke up that day with prayer upon her lips
        She awoke from a vivid dream of angels, doing flips
        “Jesus can you help me to be brave when they come?
        The bad men are chasing us and making us to run..
        When they finally catch us, and I know that they will
        Help me to be brave my Lord and calmly just stand still”
        She had surrendered in her thoughts and was focused on her prayer
        She didn’t even notice that Jesus was standing there..
        “Tell them that I love them and will forgive them of their deed
        I died for them to, for all men to be freed
        They are just mislead, child today you’ll come with me to Zion
        Face them with the love of God and courage of a lion”
        The little general was so happy that Jesus spoke to her
        She didn’t even notice that they had caught her by the skirt
        She looked them in the eyes, as they made her to kneel
        She said “Jesus told me to tell you that he will love you still
        Even when you do this deed, He will forgive your sin
        He will clean you up and heal your pain, and let you start again”
        Those were the little general’s words, before the bad men could even speak
        As they used the sword upon her they felt powerless and weak
        They killed the little general who had never forgot to pray
        That tiny little girl stood up them like a warrior on that day
        Her blood spilled out before them it only took one swipe
        They thought they shut her up, they thought they took her life
        When Jesus came to get her, as her head fell upon the ground
        She stood up in wonder and then heard the sweetest sound
        “Jesus I am so happy to meet You, but whatever do You mean?
        I was very poor and small how could I do this thing?
        The Lord chuckled with laughter as He walked her to the Throne
        “Many people will see your picture, on their computers and their phones
        They will feel ashamed and repent and some will cry to Me
        Your death will act as a mirror to show them their apathy
        Come along sweet darling its time for you to begin true learning
        That time is behind you now; and for you My Father has been yearning
        As the bad men stood there wondering why she didn’t cry
        One of them was perplexed and seen many people die
        She wasn’t even shaking; she faced me like a man
        Then shame came to find him and he turned around and ran
        What will you do I wonder; when you are in her position
        The Spirit tries to prepare you for this but what will make you listen?
        Maybe the little general, who was beheaded for her King
        Will it wake you up, could you do the same thing?
        The horses are now riding hear their hoof beats upon the wind
        Think of the little general when they come for you my friend
        Jesus we adore You and we thank You for Your Blood
        Let us honor You as she did dying valiantly in the mud.”
        The Holy Spirit via Tammy Porter 7/31/15
        For all slain in the Beloved

    • Most Christians don’t know this is happening.Thank God He will reward martyrs , and He never forgets His children.I will pray for you all.

    • Where can we find more information on these children whom Jesus appeared and mothers?

      How powerful to have their testimonies of where God is using them now?

  2. Lord, continue to help and deliver your people with a great deliverance, and give Christians everywhere the grace to stand up to wickedness. For your name’s sake!

  3. That’s the God we serve. He answers by fire. We praise you and worship you, our God , the Almighty one. Stand for your children. Let all the universe know that you are real and alive. Thank you 🙏 for showing up. On our knees we continue to pray and to honor you .

  4. We forget there is an unseen war going on all around us - Jesus and his angel warriors against Satan and his demons of darkness. We forget what the children accept and understand in their innocence. God Bless the children.

  5. We are praying for you precious brothers and sisters in Nigeria! Our great God Jehovah, through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, continue to protect you and stand strong against your enemies, until they are all defeated and under your Jesus name so be it. Gods holy angels are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for you, who are the heirs of salvation! Thanks be unto God for His great and mighty work!

  6. Time of judgement is in hand , serious event by unknown spirit leads believers in right path if patience and glorious time with him . Glory to God in the name of his son .

  7. Why wasn't this experience shared with mainstream media in Nigeria. It will do Christianity some good if this incident is widely reported by mainstream media.

    • Thanks for making us aware! Nigeria you are not forgotten by your brothers & sisters in America. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. That is awesome that Yaweh allowed the kids to see the angels doing the fighting and victory in this short battle. That memory will last a lifetime in their minds.

  9. I am spreading this miraculous message around my Facebook Messenger friends. I am an Australian married to a Nigerian & am aware of the atrocities & genocide of complete villages in the North & East of Nigeria by Islamic extremists of innocent Christians, including accused witch burnings in the South. None of this News has airplay in the West. It's all kept quiet, so people don't know or believe the reality & plight of the innocent in this Nation. I do research, otherwise I would hear nothing in Australia. As a Missionary & pentecostal Christian prayer warrior to Nigeria, I have no fear, as God has shown me a 9ft angelic warrior sent to protect me in that country. Through our Australian churches we pray for all Nations & God is moving around the globe preparing & placing Jesus people to pray protection & Holy Spirit Annointed "fire" on His followers. We must all intercede for the 3rd World countries, Jesus tells us He is 'Coming back with a Vengeance' & He us ramping up the miraculous spiritual power for us to use against the enemy of this world, who is also growing his followers. We need unified prayer to God to pull down the strongholds of evil that permeate & control these African countries & others

  10. I believe that is is a mitake to convert people to Christianity where this threatens their lives- and the lives of family. I believe that we should remain in fellowship with them, and share support and understanding- in the short to medium term...

    • David, you don’t understand. This world has a short time left before Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth, who Christianity is named for, returns to collect His people who are His children that He created, and take them all home.
      A Christian knows in their heart that no matter what may happen to them here on earth, as long as they have Jesus in their heart, they are going to be with Him, alive in Heaven, because they have accepted Him as their Savior. They know that He suffered in His short life on earth and that He died a horribly painful death Himself, all because of the sins of all the people in the world and because His Father God had the love and the desire to rescue us from the punishment for it.
      He descended into Hell in our place where He defeated the second death (the first being when your physical body dies, the second being when your eternal soul which cannot die, is seperated from God and everything that is good forever)
      Christians know that Jesus came to life again in order for all those who believe in the miracle of His birth, His life, His death and His Ressurection and who have that knowledge of Him and who He is engraved into their heart, to be able to be with Him, not seperated for eternity.
      Those who have received knowledge of Him, but refuse to accept it and be one of His children, are the real ones in danger, not these who have accepted Him.
      Danger for their eternal souls, which is much worse than anything that could ever happen to you here on earth, so much worse than losing your life.
      I would encourage you, David, and all who have not accepted Jesus to be their Savior, to seek the knowledge of Jesus for your own heart and soul. Study a Bible. But be sure and ask each time you study that the Holy Spirit, the one Jesus sent to us in His place, when He rose back into Heaven, give you the understanding of what you read. Otherwise it is only words. Very good words with wonderful meaning. But He will reveal all the messages to you that God put into those words for you. Messages those who do not know Him will not be able to understand.
      NOT knowing Jesus will not save you or these people, David, it’s knowing Him that WILL save them and you.
      Be blessed.

  11. I am at a loss for words, My fiancee is currently in Nigeria and Ghana, his father was from Kenya, I pray for all the the people all over the world as I am from Copenhagen Denmark and live in Montgomery Alabama, and have family in Copenhagen Denmark and Sweden nephew in Finnland and Germany We are one world under God.daughters grandchildren here in Alabama.God help us all. please Pray and share

  12. This was prophesied that in the last days God would pour out His Spirit upon the children who would see visions. Praise God for the protection on our brethren. Praying for our missionaries who've had to flee Burkina Faso. God will avenge. Lord help us to stand for Christ in our secular world where our families and nation need to hear and see You are at work. Revive us again Lord.

  13. Thank you for sharing & im convicted to pray for them more . We have it so easy here & they do it tough. Bless them lots lord.🙏🏽

  14. Thank you Jesus, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Lion of Juda.
    We love You Lord and we want more and more faith.
    More and more trusting You in every situation.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me(Psalm 23;4)
    Keep up the good spirits in Nigeria.Love from Holland!

  15. Early this month I was at a village in one the states terrorized by the "fulanis", a farmer told me he was on his farmer harvesting Cowpea and they put their cattle in the field, when he tried to stop them,they asked him to choose between his life and the cowpea and that's how he lost everything.

  16. Are you for real? Do you really realise what is at stake at all? Is stemming the spread of the Gospel the answer? 'On this rock I build my Church,and the gates of hello shall never prevail against it'. 'And though there rose up war against me, yet will my heart not be afraid,for in the time of trouble he shall hide me in His tabernacle,yea,in the secret place of His dwelling shall He hide me...'

  17. We are praying for Nigeria and for the prayer cells, for miracles and the power
    of God to be stronger and stronger. What a faithful God. May we listen to the
    children and may the Lord send His angels and great visitation to encourage
    His people. Nigeria belongs to God, not to Islam and jihad.
    May all the government in Nigeria start to fear the Lord and care for its people.
    God Bless you,

  18. I am a Nigerian from the South. It's really sad the killings in Northern states including Benue, Plateau, Kaduna, Plateau and others in the North where Christians are a substantial number. The goal is to first eliminate all Christians in the North and have a purely Islamic North before descending on the South. People are hacked down with machettes and clubs. Those being killed are not too exposed to the media.

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