Most Protestant pastors see school as 'negative influence' on spiritual formation

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(Worthy News) - A majority of Protestant pastors and half of Catholic priests believe school is a negative influence on a child’s spiritual development, according to a new report by the Barna Group.

Barna partnered with a religious think tank named Cardus to interview 650 Protestant and Catholic church leaders last year about spiritual development among youth.

According to their findings released Tuesday, 65 percent of Protestant respondents and 50 percent of Catholic respondents viewed school as a negative influence on a child's spiritual development. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Most Protestant pastors see school as 'negative influence' on spiritual formation”

  1. Many Americans are compromising the future of their children by sending them to public schools that teach 'multi-culturalism', 'climate change environmentalism', 'perverted sexuality', and Islam's Allah as God.

    MORE American families should home-school. Yes, it is a sacrifice but it's going to save the future of your children. Plus they'll be better believers. And all the kids that I've seen that were home-schooled were more respectful to their parents.

    • I raised my children twice. First, two. Whom I lost because I let public schools educate them. It wasn't enough that they attended Sunday School also, from about 8 yrs old on.

      And I live with that knowledge. That my choice to not home school them or sent them to proper private schools, failed them. Maybe even their souls. That, I live with.

      Then, I had another. And though single, with no income of my own, I home schooled her, with the "fear of the Lord" lest I send her or let public schools get ahold of her. I looked for private schools where she might apply for scholarships and none met the standards required. None.

      So, I home schooled.

      And she saved my life, several times.

      Instead of dumping by the wayside like the first two did.

      And, boy, did our God bless her.

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