Iraqi Christians in the US Face Deportation Again

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(Worthy News) - Hundreds of Iraqi Christians detained in immigration raids are once again at risk of deportation after losing their chance to keep fighting their cases in court.

On Tuesday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals closed the book on Hamama v. Adducci, a class-action lawsuit filed in June 2017 by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of 1,400 Iraqi natives, including more than 100 Detroit-area Chaldean Christians, who were detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and told they would be repatriated to their home country.

After the raids two years ago, a district judge granted an injunction to protect the detainees, many of whom have lived in the US for decades, and let them present their cases in court. Last December, a Sixth Circuit panel overturned the protections, and this week the full court declined to hear further arguments, allowing the government to resume deportations as soon as next week, Michigan Radio reported. [ Source: Christianity Today (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Iraqi Christians in the US Face Deportation Again”

  1. While it is indeed sad that Iraq persecutes those who worship and adore (aka "venerate") a goddess named "Mary," "Queen of Heaven." The headquarters of the Chaldean Catholic Church is, in the Cathedral of Mary Mother of Sorrows, Baghdad, Iraq, since 1950. There is no queen of heaven. There is/was an earthly mother (out of Israel) for God's Word come in the flesh. Her name was Miriam and anglicized, it translates, yes, as Mary. She was greatly honored and so the Scriptures tell us. That does not make her queen of anything, but a forgiven Eve just like every human born of (the original) Eve.

    As usual, even on Worthy News, we must have a look at whom is being identified as "Christian" for this and so many other reports on "Christian Persecution." Sadly, this is reported on actions concerning the USA. But what determines who is a Iraqi Christian? The government of the USA? The Iraqi "Christians" themselves? Just who says they are Christian? Iraq? It is doubly difficult when the people making the claim that they are in danger for their lives as Christians do not even know what makes a Christian, or not. In most cases, simply because they are "catholic" they believe they are Christians. Not true. The Chaldean Catholic Church holds the same Pope as the Roman Catholic Church, as they head.

    The truth is, in the rest of this article, as in most cases reported here in Worthy News, you would have to go to the bottom of what's reported here, and find that link. There it is discovered: "The historic Chaldean Catholic Church had been the largest Christian group in Iraq, which now ranks No. 7 on Open Doors’s list of countries most dangerous for Christians"

    This, in an of itself, is false news. It's not really fake news, it's ignorant news. It is misinformed news. It's a lie, but it's the kind of lies that ignorant people make, because they were told something is so and they do not bother to check it out. Those who worship, those who adore, those who love (let's put it that way) those who love "the mother of our Lord" as if she could "intercede" for us, as if we may speak to her and she hears us (or anyone) flirt with necromancy and witchcraft, and so much more if we never stop them, and point these things out to them. For when we save one soul from leading another astray, like this ad for Catholicism does, we cover a multitude of sins. The (NT) Bible says so. Look it up.

    This is about Iraqi Catholics being denied admittance to the USA and maybe being deported. Well, maybe they should end their adoration of idols and come to a full and complete sole saving faith in Jesus the Christ only. That's whom God gave as Savior, not his mother. Catholics are not one and the same thing as Christians. That a few who do truly love and worship Jesus (without idolizing anyone else) happens. It's in the gross minority, but yes, it happens. It also happens inside of Mormonism, and among the JW's, even among Satanists. Let the Catholics take care of the Catholics. Much like we let the Mormons take care of Mormons, we do not post persecution notices of them here. Nor do we pretend that they (like so many claiming to be Christians too) actually are followers of the Messiah Y'shua.

    There is far too much real persecution of true Christ-followers, for us to waste our time and resources helping whole branches of faith groups which do not even know or worship (alone) the Christ of the New Covenant Writings of the (true) Apostles of Jesus, the Christ (aka Y'shua, the Messiah). A person, no person, is saved by knowing "about" Jesus. The demons know about Christ. That doesn't save their either. It is personally knowing Jesus, just as you know the voice of your most loved one, that saves us.

    It is in knowing the Word of God, when He speaks to you, that saves you.

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