South Carolina church vandalized with ‘submit to God thru Islam’ on Palm Sunday: police

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South Carolina
South Carolina

(Worthy News) - A South Carolina church had three of its 125-year-old windows broken and was vandalized with Islamic-themed graffiti Sunday hours after celebrating Palm Sunday.

"Submit to God thru Islam" and "Muhammed is his prophet" were spray-painted on the outside of Midway Presbyterian Church, according to local police.

The Anderson Police Department is offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the individuals who vandalized the church building. [ Source: Fox News (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “South Carolina church vandalized with ‘submit to God thru Islam’ on Palm Sunday: police”

  1. "Little children," it happened right after they'd celebrated "Palm Sunday," and we're supposed to be worried about some Islamic pagans coming in and defacing "the church" by spray painting evil on the outside of that Church? Really? Someone spray painted the first church, in Washington State, I was ever in after coming to know Jesus, the Christ, personally. That was in 1986.

    Every time someone builds a new pizza joint in my town (in the USA) kids go and spray graffiti all over it. That's part and parcel of living in the USA now. Didn't you know?

    Any "Christians" celebrating a "Palm Sunday" do not even know the roots of the faith their are supposed to be belonging to. "Palm Sunday" was invented by Catholics. As was the pagan holiday of Ishtar. Don't know Ishtar? How about Ashtarte? It's pronounced Easter. And Jesus rose on First Fruits, not on Astarte/Ishtar's Day. The day Christ rose on had a name already. God gave it to Moses, just as He named the day Christ died.

    Catholics are pagans to the point that it's pretty hard to see what few Christians might still exist among them. They, more than most, need to flee that "church" and its denomination. God have mercy on the women and children whose families are headed up by Catholics. What to do? What are they to do? Only God can answer that question for them. But it's sure not to worship or pray to Mary. There is no Queen of Heaven. All of the Reformation's Believers left Catholicism behind. That's the meaning of the word Protestant, Protest-ers, aka of Protest-ant-ism.

    Martin Luther did, and he barely made it out. The only reason Martin Luther didn't get killed as a Catholic priest who got born-again, is because the German princes sided with him, and protected him from that Pope. Then, Martin Luther was also able to print off a copy of the Bible in the common language of the people there, German.

    All who'd tried to do it before him, like in England, had been killed off. Read up on Wycliffe, or how about Tyndale? Wm. Tynedale translated portions of the New Testament into English long before M. Luther did. And rightly so, he refused to use the word "church" because it was not true to the meaning of what had been given originally. The Catholic Church (and it has lots of names, such as Antiochian, etc) corrupted the Scriptures to invent "one (ring) to rule them all."
    That's what Church comes from, the word for a circle, a ring, to rule them all.

    And Christians all over the world are playing right on into it.

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