Pope Pushes Idea of Global Authority at Vatican Nation-State Conference

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(Worthy News) - Pope Francis is pushing for a global authority that supersedes the rights of individual countries, all with the goal of pursuing the common good.

"Think of the great contemporary challenges of climate change, new slavery and peace," he told members of the Pontifical Academy.

They met last week at the Vatican to discuss the topic of: "Nation, State, Nation-State." [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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32 thoughts on “Pope Pushes Idea of Global Authority at Vatican Nation-State Conference”

  1. "For the common good"?

    Global authority is what the Roman Catholic Church had during the Middle Ages of Europe. And that extended outside of just Europe too. Look what a fine job it did then.

    There's a comedy movie that Simon Pegg did (not for children) that though he's not in any way playing up the Christian themes of anything, it does clearly explain how evil and just plain occult this idea of a few deciding what is the "common good" and using it like a mantra results in.

    I've been waiting for the Pope, any Pope, to go above board with their plan. Finally, now, Francis has done so. What he's trying to do is hop on top of all the nations of the world.

    This is the result of letting "the Church" replace the called out ones, the "ekklesia" in Christianity. It's also the reason our God has built Messianic and Hebraic congregations instead.

    By the way, who is the "They" in "They met last week at the Vatican"? Because I'm not finding it in the article. Maybe the journalist who wrote this is a Catholic? That's exactly the danger in letting Catholic's be known as Christians when it's rarely true.

  2. I notice that "peace" is a "great contemporary challenge"; not war or terrorism, but peace. The problem is with peace.

  3. I didn’t read the article but my guess is that he wants the church to be the authority. After the sexual abuse crisis, is anyone even listening to what the church says? I don’t and I’m a Catholic! 😂😂

  4. AMEN What a Great theing to see PROPHECY Coming TO Fulfillment!! MARANATHA YESHUA!! I am EAGERLY AWAITING The Trumpet Blast of your voice calling the Church UP and OUTTA HERE!! <3

  5. The False prophet (the second beast of bible) is rapidly showing his true colors. Come lord and slay these demons.

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