Two Iranian Christians Sentenced for Involvement in 'Zionist Christianity'


by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Two Christians in the northern Iranian city of Rasht had their sentences upheld after losing their cases in an Iranian court of appeals.

Zaman Saheb Fadaei and Fatimeh Bakhteri received sentences of eighteen and twelve months in prison in September for “propagating house churches,” “promoting Zionist Christianity,” and “spreading propaganda against the regime,” with Fadei having been dragged to Evin Prison, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry’s notorious torture chamber, last Summer.

According to a 2016 UK Home Office Report, “almost 71 kinds of tortures are reported by political prisoners who were personally victims of these brutal methods” at Evin Prison. What is more, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that 60% of the Christians arrested in Iran are languishing there.

In a speech in early May, Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi acknowledged the spread of Christianity in his country, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolutionary takeover in February.

“It is not the job of the intelligence community to find the roots of these conversions. But it’s happening right before our eyes,” he said before an assembly of Islamic clerics and seminary students in Qom.

Iran is number nine on Open Door’s USA’s World Watch List 2019 for the worst persecutors of Christians worldwide, yet is reported to have one of the highest rates of conversions to Christianity.

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2 thoughts on “Two Iranian Christians Sentenced for Involvement in 'Zionist Christianity'”

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    The worse it gets, the more we find Y'shua (Jesus) really does hear us. When life of "following Christ," aka Christianity, is just a matter of getting up early on a Sunday, or Sabbath morning, and getting the kids dressed on time to sit in a pew and/or make the coffee for "fellowship" not much is really learned. When life consists of needing miracle after miracle each day just to keep on trusting Jesus and His Father the only Wise God, God is nearer than can be imagined. And He is always Faithful. He replies, if not in literal loud words, then with an overwhelming Love and Peace that defies comprehension. We find our God, the real God, the real (One, and only) God, the Father, gives us understanding of our dilemma while at the same time, understanding all of us, all our motives too, and always with forgiveness over and over and over again. Until, we get it right (righteous). There in the difficulties of this life, no matter where we be, He gives us to understand what is truly going on, how to deal with the oppressors, why they do what they do to us. And we even learn how to forgive them too. No human can stand that. It is too overwhelming when it is real.

    And how we survive such attacks, that speaks. It speaks to the very oppressors (abusers) of real Believer's of the love, and patience, and longsuffering, the forgiveness, the One True God has for them. The worse it is, the closer our God is to us.

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    Our God, the One and only True and Living God, and His Living Word, gives us peace and sanity, via His Holy Spirit, where otherwise, no sanity exists anymore. There is no government there in those torture chambers to be appalled at the behavior of the jailers. No pictures escape to show the world so it would be shocked. No, our God did that when USA soldiers misbehaved on Islamic prisoners. But their god, he defines the most"unspeakable" abuses. Their government backs it up. They keep it where the "sun never shines." Where is the international outrage and photos for Christians now done the same to? So the true Merciful One is with those prisoners, the real and Living God of Love, always.

    When they "turn up the heat" our God gives us (the tortured) to enter into a kind of "fellowship of suffering" with all who suffer likewise, where they can not enter or stop it except by death, because they know not God's (the real God's) own Word. They can not even see it, anymore than they can be filled with the Holy Spirit, outside of Messiah Y'shua (Jesus), for it is a place "in the Spirit." It is Alive. He meets us with such sound communication of Love, so powerful, it can keep our minds free. Christ speaks from The Ancient of Days, the One who truly does sit on The Throne of all creation. The Bible says, "where sin abounds, grace that much more" (Romans 5:20). It seems impossible, but it is true. Where it is the worst, God is so close nothing else comes between. Jesus comes bringing us Peace, or release, or just knowing we are not alone even while being in held in solitary confines. These things are not exclusive of our brethren in North Korea, or China, or Iran, only.

    We are never alone.

    They are.

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