Russia prepares ‘crushing’ offensive in Syria

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Map of Syria and the Region

(Worthy News) - Russian forces are preparing a military operation to help Syrian dictator Bashar Assad reclaim the last major cities held by rebel forces and terrorists, according to Moscow’s top diplomat.

"Terrorists systematically stage provocations and attack the positions of the Syrian army and communities and also the Russian air base Hmeymim with multiple rocket systems and drones,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters Monday, per state-run media. "Neither the Syrian army nor Russia will leave such outrages without crushing retaliation.”

Russian and Syrian forces have intensified bombardments in Idlib province over the last month in preparation for an offensive. The strikes have targeted dozens of hospitals, according to international aid groups, in a region populated by millions of civilians who fled the fighting in other parts of Syria. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Russia prepares ‘crushing’ offensive in Syria”

  1. 1. What is Syrian Dictator living on while he crushes millions of people out of his country? And while he destroys their homes and businesses? So that no one else can live in those neighborhoods and cities anymore? While he and this conflict destroy farm lands? What is he using for income to sustain his own and his families lifestyles (of the rich and famous)?

    2. Are we to assume that the Russians are helping Bashar because Syria has oil? That the US has a presence in Syria because of it's oil or is it because of it's location, in the Middle East and its site for enemies of Israel?

    3. Haven't we heard this "news" many times already, that there is only one small pocket of terrorists (ISIS) and/or Resisters left and it is almost over (with either the US saying it, or Russia saying it)?

  2. Why do the Syrian people love this dictator Assad so much? Can't they see he's a mass-murderer? and he uses chemical weapons on his own people?
    Or maybe the accusations that we hear against Assad are incorrect. And maybe the Syrian people, being much closer to the real situation, know the truth (of falsity) of all these accusations.

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