Blasphemy Charges against Pakistani Christians Continue Despite Asia Bibi Release

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by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - The date of an appeal hearing for a Pakistani Christian man accused of blaspheming the prophet Muhammad in 2013 has reportedly been set.

Sawan Masih was accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad—punishable by death in Pakistan—in a 2013 conversation with Muslim friend Shahid Imran, a dispute that Masih later claimed was ultimately about a land dispute.

The alleged offense was broadcast from the loudspeakers at the local mosque in Lahore, Punjab Province, inciting a 3,000-man mob to descend on Joseph colony, the predominantly Christian neighborhood where Masih lived. Homes were burned and looted and set alight, forcing residents to flee.

“They hatched a conspiracy to push out the residents of the colony,” Masih told the court at his initial hearing, claiming the government wanted to appropriate the traditionally Christian neighborhood for industrial use and merely wanted a pretext.

115 of the men who participated in the mob attack were brought up on charges, but acquitted in 2017 despite the court possessing video footage as evidence.

The instrumentality of Pakistan’s “blasphemy law”--which forbids insulting the prophet Muhammad or desecrating a Koran--in settling personal scores between Pakistanis was put on prominent display recently in the case of Asia Bibi, who finally escaped to Canada last month after spending ten years on death row for a 2010 dispute with a Muslim coworker that ended with accusations she had disparaged Muhammad.

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4 thoughts on “Blasphemy Charges against Pakistani Christians Continue Despite Asia Bibi Release”

  1. It is a kind of "racism," I do not know the proper term for it, it's a a type of superiority, that considers it blasphemy to point out to anyone that our own that our God is not their God. If we call our God the One True God, they go insane (easy, at the touch of anything) if/when we clarify that by pointing out that His Name is not Allah. Sawan Masih erred when he told the Muslim that "Jesus is the Son of Allah." That's not true, at all. It should never be said that way. Yet, it is true that what a butterfly does in China, affects the other side of our world. That's a physics theorem. What is meant by that, is, what US American's do in the USA affects Christians in Pakistan. Even what US Christians do not do, in the US; or what Anglican's in GB don't do, in England, affects the brethren in Pakistan.

    Much of this has to do with Islam's (and therefore countries in which Islam is the national religion) laws against trying to convert a Muslim. Even in countries where Islam is not the one that most of the people there have, Allah (aka Satan) sends his slaves to attack, when anyone shows his slaves "the Way" of our God, and His Messiah, Y'shua (Jesus). They also do it when Christian's (or Jews) stand up for their God. This man, Sawan Masih, told the perpetrator of all this harm against Masih, and his family, his house, and the whole Joseph community, told the instigator (abuser) "the Way" of Messiah. He told the Muslim that Jesus is his Savior, and that Jesus would save him.

    Now, the Muslim's are waiting to see if that is true. So far, God has not saved Sawan Masih at all. Y'shua does not appear to be saving Sawan's wife, his mother, he sure didn't save Sawan's house, and Messiah has not yet saved the Joseph community which is the Christian end of town the Islamics also attacked. A lot more than just Sawan Masih was injured in all this. We shall see how God handles it from here.

    It would not be so, in our world, but for the behavior of "Christian nations," who, full of (supposed) "Christians" let things like nudity (I mean real nudity) show on daytime TV, or where children may see it. Where "Christians" can run around drunk and stupid and no one stops them. Where "Christians" swear and take the Name of Messiah in vain, or worse. They commit fornication, like wild cats let loose at night, and adultery runs wild, esp inside of churches. Where "Christian" women never even are taught that running around, outdoors, in shorts way up to here, and tops that look like less on than the Muslims women's bras at home, is obscene.

    Instead, those same obscene "Christians" point their fingers at Islamic husbands, and say Muslim men do not love their wives, because they require their wives to veil themselves when outside their homes, going about the families business; and yet, those men provide for their families, and all their multiple wives and save up for vacations, tithe to help widows and orphans, work to provide outside of welfare, and make sure everyone under their care (mother, and mother-in-law's, alike) have as good healthcare, as humanly possible. And Christian men engage in their Serial Monogamy, leaving wife ,after wife, after wife, alone, and unfed, at the mercy of the Psycho's (Psychologists and their meds and labels). They leave wives barely clothed, destitute, grief stricken, and unable to care for all their children. So the Christian men just take the children (at all ages) from said mothers. And go find another woman to abuse, and dump. Over, and over again. Then, in comes Promise Keepers like "white knights"? Oh, not. Muslims of any gender can see through all of that, even without Jesus. Promise Keepers helps men stay with the last wife. And if he has a porn addiction, they'll help him get to Sex Addicts Annonomous. What a deal.

    This is one of the reasons the name of "Christian" gatherings being "Churches" and/or "the Church" needs to end. This is why (for so many reasons) Christians with consciouses, more and more, turn to identifying themselves by other terms, such as (Messianic) Nazarenes, Hebrew Christians, Jewish Christians, Netzarim, Messianic Jews, Messianic Gentiles, Galileans, the list goes on. It's not all because they (some of them) are cults. it's because so many true Believer's are ashamed of what has been done to the holy Name of Jesus. It's been defiled, defiled so badly, we needed another. And God had it prepared long ago. Y'shua. So they use (the more correct one, anyway) Y'shua, or that same, by other spellings.

    It as this same (and much worse) behavior on the part of Roman Catholic "churches" and groups which caused most of continental Europe to cease being "Christian" nations. In France, it is considered offensive for someone to walk around with a cross hanging from their necks. Unless, of course, it is Madonna (or some other band/act) doing it as part of her act, up on some stage, in which she blaspheme's our Lord. No one stops her doing that. Wearing overt symbols of one's religion is considered gauche in France. That's what Roman Catholic Christianity did for them.

    The Lutheranism of Germany behaved and behaves just as bad. Wasn't it Germans who invented the sex dungeon? The founder of Lutheranism would be ashamed. It grew apart from RC but then stopped and now lets the obscene in as much as the RC ever did. That the Roman Catholic Church has been obscene (they're the ones who first made naked paintings and sculptures public) is no longer in dispute. We all know now what only the victims of pedophile priests and sexually abused nuns used to.

    The Muslims of this world have a reason to hate the United States, ever been to another country and turned on TV there? Have any of you US Americans ever seen what is broadcast as US American TV shows? Or movies? Really? Would you park your 3 year old's in front of that to sit and watch, and be baby-sat? Well, maybe you would, that's the point. The whole Democrats verses the Republicans is one big worldwide show. We air the worst and most obscene of our "dirty laundry." Do we really want it representing us as the best of the USA?

    There is a reason why Islam is growing inside of the USA. And why both India and Pakistan now feel it's no longer important to defend Christians in their countries. That is, because Christians aren't Christians anymore in the strong nations. Churches are no longer safe places, even in the USA. Well, they never were safe places for Jews, who accept Christ, to then go to. The first thing we do to them is convince them to worship Santa Claus with the rest of Christendom, from mid Oct to Jan 1st. Or to be seen in public teaching children to party with The Ishtar (Easter) Bunny.

    We live in a wider community, here, that is loaded with Muslims. It is hard to see the men, if they grew up in the USA, they do not dress differently, except their Imams. However, the women, they all dress different (veiled) than mainstream. It's easier to see them than it is to see the Orthodox Jews, male or female, here. A good example is riding the public bus. One day, as happens, I ended up sitting in between two empty seats. Those riders had got off. And a whole gaggle of Islamic women from "I don't know where," got on. Apparently, so did some of their men. I didn't notice the males. Not at first. Two of the veiled women sat on either side of me, some of the rest had to go several rows back to sit together. Then, they decided to talk (over everyone else) to one another, anyway. The ones on either side of me were talking (yelling, is more like it) back and forth to each other. I leaned forward, so they could also look at each other, while they talked. But they were also yelling to the women rows back too. It seemed very much like they were from another country, their "other" language was so fluent between them all. Okay. This is not like the first time people from other nations have come to my country and sat on buses with us. I just leaned a bit forward and tried to ignore it all. Some of us do try to be polite to people here with other customs than ours.

    Then, I happened to look across at the people sitting across from me, facing me now. And one man, the hatred in his eyes for me, was something I have rarely seen directed, in person, at me. His hatred drilled far past my eyes, into me. Being hated is not a first, but the way he was doing it, seemed so bizarre. I did not know him. I had never seen him before, I certainly had never spoken to him before. I was confused. I had said nothing. My phone cover wasn't showing (it has a Star of David on it). I didn't know why.

    Later, it seems to me, the most likely thing is, he was hating that I stayed seated on that bench with "his" women, with the Islamic women. Even though I was there when they got on, See? They bring this attitude, an attitude they are allowed to live with, a "Superiority" they grow up with. It is a superiority which is encouraged in their home lands, their homes, their families, their religion, until someone disrupts it. It is exactly the same reason why the USA had vast armies of KKK's once upon a time. Such a hatred is true, and intense, and real.

    Unlike a lot of racial prejudices now existing in the USA, (except perhaps Louis Farrakhan's) people's feelings of superiority, whether it be of class, or racist, leaves room for "them," the inferior ones (whomever they may be) to exist somewhere else. Islam leaves no room for anyone else, anywhere, on Earth. Like a plague, it is designed to take over the earth, and most Muslims are fine with that idea, even if most are not interested in causing conflict where they live for that to happen. They are quite willing to let the "extremists" do it. Some, are even very willing to pay others to do it. It's not hard when all they have to do is hide it as helping the poor widow and/or children of a suicide bombing event. They become Martyr's without us even assisting in their deaths.

    That is why, when first offered a Two State solution from Great Britain, the US, and the UN when giving the Jews land back in Israel (known then as Palestine) the Muslims refused it. Now, they want "at Two State Solution" back, but only so as to then have a base from which to work again, towards the elimination of all Israel. So that they can go deeper in making tunnels into The State of Israel, and line those tunnels with different materials, so as to be better hidden.

    So, finally, the Pope (who just loves a good living martyr, like all his kind) interceded for Bibi. Who does this latest have to advocate for him? I mean, besides Jesus (Y'shua)? His enemy/enemies are not all stupid, they'll find out that (if they haven't noticed yet) if they pick on non-Catholic Christians, there's no one to arrange some ransom to Pakistan, for Sawan Masih. Maybe, Jesus will set him free? Or maybe the real God will take him home. There are two kinds of Salvation, being saved here on earth, like in our daily lives, and the kind that is eternal, and unending, never again sad or suffering.

    • Angela, that was a beautiful article. Thank you so much for writing that! It expresses so well what I have been thinking for so long now. There is no use wishing things were different or that real followers of the Christ, Y'shua, would find a way to save all those "Christians" in the world who are being persecuted. The answer is to pray "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". Still we have to help them any way we can, and at the same time love our enemies as Christ taught us to do.

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